Cold showers can have some incredible health benefits—find out why you should be taking cold showers daily.

0:00 Introduction: What happens after 14 days of cold showers
0:50 The ten benefits of taking cold showers
8:05 How to ease into cold showers
9:00 Key takeaways
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In this video, we’re going to talk about cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy—and what happens to you after 14 days of taking cold showers.

Take a look at these ten incredible benefits of taking cold showers.

1. Enhances immune system function
• Increases monocytes
• Increases Lymphocytes
• Increases T-helper cells
• Increases T-suppressor cells

2. Promotes noradrenaline
• Increases mood
• Supports alertness
• Helps reduce the risk of depression
• Improves focus

3. Supports weight loss by triggering brown fat
• Increases metabolism
• Increases Energy
• Decreases weight
• 100g of brown fat can burn 3400 calories per day

4. Increases insulin sensitivity

5. Reduces inflammation

6. Boosts antioxidants

7. Has neuroprotective effects

8. Improves longevity and promotes autophagy

9. Lowers cortisol

10. Supports fast recovery

How to ease yourself into taking cold showers:
1. Start with your normal hot shower
2. Turn it to cold for 30 seconds
3. Turn it back to hot
4. Gradually increase the time you set it to cold until you can reach 5-10 minutes

Interestingly, cold temperatures can warm up your core temperatures, while hot temperatures can cool down your core temperature.

Try taking cold showers for 14 days and see if you experience some of these amazing health benefits.



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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain the benefits of cold showers and cryotherapy. I’ll see you in the next video.

    67 replies to "What Happens after 14 Days of Cold Showers (Part 1)"

    • Curtis

      I took a cold shower once and it does help your memory. It was years ago and I can still remember how cold it was. 😂

      • Kelly Barnett


      • sorry for my English

        I think you living in a cold place like Europe

      • Da Vida


      • Christina LW28

        Shocking that you remember that! 😝👍🏼👍🏼

      • Nubianess


    • Dag Nabitsflat

      Been taking cold showers everyday for about a year. I can attest to the benefits. I don’t really feel the cold harshly at all anymore. And winter outside is more comfortable.

      • BernieMac 3

        @Rahel no toilet 🚽 paper down there huh 🤔?

      • Rich F

        I function better in the winter. I’m stronger, more energetic, I worked outside in the cold doing snow shoveling for nine years in a row. I dont even get sore from shoveling snow anymore.

      • Briana Kelley

        @Dag Nabitsflat right! I have been doing it after workouts and it has become refreshing!

      • Dag Nabitsflat

        @Briana Kelley 💪

      • Harmz Conscious

        Cold showers bring so many benefits from self discipline to increased muscle mass and concentration it’s mad and it’s something they don’t teach us in school along with semen retention. Anyway I just made a vid on all this and went in deep I’d appreciate if you take a look you’ll learn something great 💯💪🏽

    • Mario Murillo

      I started working out recently in the mornings, by the time I get home I’m still hot and sweating so I take cold showers to cool off. The feeling of a good workout and a cold shower combined is one of the greatest feelings. I’m awake, more alert, energetic and in a better mood throughout the day.

      • Jim Rr

        My wife always told me to take a cold shower

      • Andy Ramirez

        Is there a specific time you have to have to be in the shower for cause most of the time when I take showers they last about 15 min

      • Tapman99

        These are just the benefits of working out, not having a cold shower…

      • Harmz Conscious

        Cold showers bring so many benefits from self discipline to increased muscle mass and concentration it’s mad and it’s something they don’t teach us in school along with semen retention. Anyway I just made a vid on all this and went in deep I’d appreciate if you take a look you’ll learn something great 💯💪🏽

      • PNWLSX

        Cold shower after workout promote muscle recovery too. 💪

    • Zack king

      Took my first cold shower ever and let me tell you, it was not easy! But after the shower you will feel so calm and happy. I will definitely continue this.

      • διαβόητο φάντασμα

        @Zibi21 its not even that bad. I went for a quick dip in a frozen lake in kansas now that was cold

      • jason bourne

        @Loki Mani Idk, I usually put it on the coldest temp and leave the hot water alone, in most households that is like 55-60 degree water.

      • MayKen

        @Loki Mani cold as in don’t touch the hot water knob in shower

      • Mr Rod

        I kept hitting my head with a hammer. When I stopped doing it, I felt so calm and happy.

      • Romi Gaspirc

        Cold ie at least 15C or lower

    • chrissyandjoey28

      I have High High HIGH anxiety and I’m telling you this doctor is amazing because when I’m at my worse which is way to often I’ll take a 5-10 minute of a cold shower it works. But now I’m gonna do it when I feel bad and good. Thank you so much Doctor

      • Narz

        Try reading self help books. There’s lots on Pinterest or Instagram books pages for recommendations.

      • Flower San

        Thank you
        I have bad anxiety too.
        I never heard about cold shower help anxiety.
        I will try cold shower today.

      • chrissyandjoey28

        @Narz I’ve always wondered if that works? I’m definitely gonna take your advice on that because I use to be the type to say nothing would ever help but once I tried it I was surprised and upset that it took me so long to take “GOOD ADVICE” lol Thank you so much 💕

      • chrissyandjoey28

        @Flower San I’m so sorry to hear that I pray with all my heart that God takes away every bit of the anxiety and gives you a complete healing in Jesus Name Amen 🙏🏻 Yes you have to try the cold showers 🚿 and listening to music always helps me also to give you hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel, my anxiety went from 100 every day and night it caused me to have epilepsy severe epilepsy, insomnia, heart trouble and so much more and now I truly give God all The Glory no more seizures🙌🏼 and when I do get anxiety it’s so much lighter and it’ll only happen every few months if that, you’re gonna be okay and when you’re healed, you’re gonna see life in a whole new way and appreciate every moment of your life! Look forward to it! God bless you

      • Lotus of Great Bliss

        Try mindfulness meditation. Studies show that even 5 minutes a day will noticebly decrease anxiety and stress.

    • Elegathor

      I started doing cold showers a week ago. Only a few days in and I can easily shower under the coldest setting. Great stuff!

    • Pablo Ortiz

      I’ve only taken cold showers after a hard workout. But yesterday I tried a wake up shower because I had no option since our boiler is out. And it woke me up more than any amount of coffee ever could. For the past month or so, we’ve been boiling water on the stove and showering the way my parents used to in Mexico when they were kids. But that cold shower just hit different and even when we do have hot water again, unless I absolutely need to, I personally don’t think I’ll be going back to hot showers. Now I understand why people in other countries are just so alert, and healthy overall.

      • Scoobtoober29

        As a kid visiting greece i saw everyone had stainless bright polished water tanks. They said that is all they use for warm water. I said what if it’s cold out. They said too bad. They enjoyed it a bet. We’ve been missing out. I did one last night and it took a bit to get used to. Pretty good in the end.

    • Long Nguyen

      I’ve been taking cold showers for 3 years, adopted the 5 am victory hour this year and recently 16/8 intermittent fasting and 10+20 mins of HIIT sessions each day. All these help me to be a top performer in a stressful and pressured tech sales environment. Make more money and better health. Give it a go everyone.

      • Contra Band

        You sound like an insufferable health nut.

        I bet your coworkers are very tired of hearing it by now

      • MagicalVibes

        Bravo 👏 👏👏

      • Just call me CONTROVERSIAL! Minus the "roversial."


      • Lakelander

        @Long Nguyen HIIT every single day isn’t a good idea…will burn your system out…but the cold showers are everyday are fine.

      • Long Nguyen

        @LakelanderI’m not sure what burn out feels like but I’ve been doing it for a while now, on daily basis. The 10 minute morning session is pure core not much of a HIIT. In the afternoon about 15 minutes consist of 120 burpees 10 different variants, really get my heart rate up, plenty of sweat.

        I feel fine, my body recovers pretty fast I don’t feel fatigue or sore anymore. Help me get away from 10 hours working in front of the PC.

        The intermittent fasting helped me drop 4 kgs! I’m at 11% body fat now, but can’t seem to drop any more weight.

    • Nathalie Corriveau

      I started taking cold showers during our heatwave and noticed a change in the softness of my skin, my hair is softer and I have more energy, I can now take only cold shower without any warm water for 10 minutes. I love it! 🙂

      • Emi Lune

        I take twice a day in this heatwave ,and true my skin better and anxiety decreased

      • Blue Pie

        It definitely makes you hair super soft

    • Yvette Cantrell

      Before I became a mom, my husband and I were young and starting off rough. We couldn’t afford electricity or heat. I took cold showers every single day for about 6 months. I remember during the winter I would step out of my freezing shower feeling like needles poking me in the legs. Don’t recall getting use to it, just remember thinking “Do what you gotta do”… We finally got back on our feet. However, one thing I also noticed was how gorgeous my hair was. I mean shiny, volume. It was just healthy looking..
      Cold showers are rough, especially during winter time when you have no heat or electricity, but cold showers do wonder to your hair! 🙂

    • Healthy Lifestyle Living 60 Plus

      I’ve been doing this the last two days and my body feels great after a workout. I don’t feel as sore. I’m recording my two week challenge and I’ll keep you posted ❤️

      • Andre Zuriel

        seeing it!

      • Stephanie Lalaland

        Keep us posted!

      • ïndïcä_näïl_ärtïst_⁴²⁰

        I can see how that might help your sore muscles, glad it’s working for you!

      • atm1live

        hi.. may i ask how long do you wait before you take a shower after your workout?

    • Bella

      I have been taking cold showers everyday for the past 2 weeks and I can tell you my experiences. The first 10 seconds kinda takes your breath away and then you get really used to it and it feels amazing! It makes your hair smooth and your body smooth and the rest of the day you feel really energetic and wanna do things! I would definitely recommend!!!

      • Bella

        @Dr. Smoove 100%! I’m definitely gonna try not to take any hot showers anymore unless I really need to. So far I haven’t taken any hot showers for the last month. I see big improvement from hot showers. Thanks for asking!

      • No

        @Bella I saw this Salvadoran guy say to take warm-cool showers then put ice on your hair after and he showed before and after pictures and he grew it really long (for a guy lol) like chin level? Kind of a bob cut haha.

      • Bella

        @No that’s cool that you can do that🤣

      • Awake Not Woke

        Yes! It stops the natural oils being stripped from your skin. I shower daily but only soap the necessary areas every day – armpits, undercarriage etc. For the rest I only use soap every other day. My skin has never been better.

      • Bella

        @Awake Not Woke that’s awesome! Thanks for the extra tips!

    • Aidan DeLeon

      Tried during winter, and can totally recommend, it really makes you appreciate warm showers that much more and adds a further understanding to what pain is.

      • Empress🌸PISCES♓️


      • Big Medallions

        @Empress🌸PISCES♓️ can you read?

      • Planet God Dog 🌎

        @Big Medallions 😂

    • Daniel James

      I’ve been doing cold showers everyday for over a year now. I’m so used to it now I actually look forward to it. The jolt boosts my mood and energy and my waistline has definitely shrunk. I was very glad to see I still had my washboard abs under the spare tire I had grown since college.


        That’s tough over a year you’re an inspiration, way of the warrior, I have a long way to go.

      • Daniel James

        @MIGHTY MONK they say it takes about 2 weeks to form or break a habit before it starts to feel routine. Any perceived difficulty or temptation to quit is just mental and fades away eventually. The water is no less cold but as I said I look forward to it now, because I know how refreshed and alive I will feel afterward. It’s easier than drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, in my opinion.! I do a lot of difficult things for my health, but cold showers isn’t at the top of list.

    • Maria Orth

      I’ve done this everyday when I take my showers even on winter. When I’m fatigued, I allow myself to feel relaxed and let the cold water run for awhile. Meanwhile, rain is great too. I used to make angel wings on ❄️ snow and run and playing in the rain. It’s fun and fun… definitely energy booster for me. All natural.

    • Brittney Hill

      LOVED this. I am healing right now and I went out in the sweltering heat to walk somewhere and man, my body really did some wonderful things, chemically speaking! A ton of my insulin resistance went away! I mean, I couldn’t STAND when my blood sugars would drop or when my mind and body started beggining for food but this was greatly diminished AFTER going in the heat! I really enjoy Hormetic effect Therapy now 😃.

    • AndrewTateTOPG

      Since taking cold showers I’ve never felt more alive and lost inches around my waste. I feel my vision also has improved and I look forward every morning to have o e after my workout! Your body will eventually get used to it, just start off as normal with a warm shower then slower every minute or 2 turn it a little colder unit after a few weeks you cam jump straight in ice cold! 😎

    • roberto Bakero

      I have found that after a day of digging, firewood or working in crawlspaces a shower of hot then cold really helps relieve muscle tension. Easy to take the cold when it’s hot outside, not so easy when I’ve been working outdoors in the winter time.

    • Ron Tiemens

      Been taking 5-7 minute cold showers at 3:30am for almost a month. Makes me feel unbelievably awesome until I go to bed 18 hours later. I HATE doing it, but the payoff is just too big in terms of how fantastic I feel every minute of the day. So I do it every day.

    • overcook it

      In case you often have problems with migraine, I know by my own experience, using warm or even hot water for washing your hair is a hundred-percent trigger for it. Using cold water (or at least nearby cold water) will reduce significantly the number of attacks.

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