Shoulders are a muscle group that looks good when they are wide and round. They respond well to use lighter weight and strict form to build them even bigger. It really does not take much to work the shoulders and build them, and you don’t need too many different exercises to work them. Shoulders make you look big and wide in the torso, so it is important to make sure that you work them!

There are lots of good exercises to work the shoulders, but there is really only one exercise that you NEED to do if you want bigger shoulders. Whether you are at home or in the gym, using dumbbell or resistance bands, this exercise gets the job done! This is also a great exercise if you have previous shoulder injuries because you don’t need to lift the weight over your head.

Add this exercise to your workout routine to get bigger and more round shoulders that stand out!

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    4 replies to "The Best Exercise For Bigger Shoulders"

    • Max Bruno

      I skip the talk and go straight to the work out…

    • Johnny Allen

      Great information Mark

    • Will Spires Music Channel

      Great tutorial! I really enjoyed this. “Lift your elbows” never thought of it that way, Fantastic and super helpful!!

    • Christopher Stuart

      There’s nothing about my body anyone would admire…except my height (inborn) and shoulders.

      Swimming. That’s it. (Freestyle)

      Good technique necessary tho.

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