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Get ready to put the science back in strength and take your training to the next level! The ATHLEAN-X channel on YouTube is devoted to delivering "NO B.S", science backed training and workout advice. As a physical therapist and trainer to some of the world's best professional athletes, their teams and celebrity clients, there is no more trusted source for getting the edge you need in your training.

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    22 replies to "The ATHLEAN-X Channel (SUBSCRIBE!)"

    • TheProfessorDank

      dude jeff is the fucking man. his videos really helped me after i had surgery on my ankle and was out of the gym for six months.

    • Ravi Sharma

      Thanks Jeff for everything you shared with us. Love you

    • Johann G

      Just found out about this channel, I’m 10 months in bodyweight training and I learned quite a lot already from this. Thanks!

    • Ali Naqvi

      Hey Jeff, long-time follower here. Love your stuff–in fact, your videos have been helping me circumvent shoulder issues in the gym. You’ve addressed all the important static stretches. I was wondering if you would consider addressing dynamic stretches and the proper way to do them. I ask this because I’m not sure if the way they’re done matters as much (is the point just to move through various planes of motion at all the joints that you are about to exercise)?

      • Ali Naqvi

        In addition, could you also offer any suggestions for people who have desk jobs/study for several hours. As a med student, most of my day consists of studying, and I’d love to get your thoughts on ideal sitting posture and standing desks.

    • Abdiel Quezada

      Sharpie should sponsor your channel!!! Great video Jeff! Keep up the great work you do for the fitness community.

    • Ran Peleg

      Jeff is really amazing. I learnt so much from him.
      Just wish he had a better mic, something like a boom mic so his voice would be clearer and the mic cables won’t choke him every time

    • Matthew Sartin

      You are doing what you love and it shows! Keep up the great work!!

    • Christina James

      Jeff! I’ve been following you for about 3 years now and I LOVE your info!! Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with all of us.

    • Ricky Mohar

      Hey Jeff, love your videos. I had a question about rear delts. I tore the front of my labrum and dislocated my shoulder 3 separate times. I have tried doing external rotation but I can’t get a full ROM because it hurts too much, and I can feel something isn’t right when I do more than 6 reps in a row.

      What other exercises can I do to activate my rear delts that won’t put a lot of pressure on the anterior of my shoulder capsule?

      Love the vids and keep it up! Your physique is getting me through PT school!

    • Nicholas cavallo

      Hey Jeff, I follow your work outs and try to eat as healthy as I can. I’m in the military and sometimes the food can be a bit on the unhealthy side. I am going to start food prepping. I am 29 5’10 and weigh 208 I’m trying to shave at least 30 pounds. Our work out facility is rather small due to our unit being small. I know diet is every thing and that is where I need to correct but My question is if I follow one work out a day is that enough of a work out for the day and having a proper diet?

    • Seshadri R

      Hi Jeff, just discovered this great channel today. Thanks a lot for these videos. i wonder if you could suggest some exercises for lumbar spinal stenosis. Specifically, those that will increase endurance before the numbness/pain starts. I know surgery is often successful, but are there any exercises that can help postpone or avoid surgery? Thanks in advance

    • Chiko Kishi

      I finally subscribed. Ive been looking for a good workout to spend money on, and you seem like a very respectable and knowledgeable trainer. Keep up the good work

    • FireRock Productions

      Hi, Jeff! It’s Rocky here at FireRock Productions. I’ve been watching your channel intently over the past 3 years! It’s about time I tell you how you’ve helped me make more gains in that amount of time than I’ve made in the other 34 years of my life. I even find your “rants” so relatable and extremely valuable. I feel that I owe you a few program purchases 😉 Looking forward to more of ATHLEAN-X, and maybe there can be an opportunity for us to collaborate in the future! For me, that would be an insane honor!

    • Miko M

      Jef, just wanted to say that im using your methods of training and enjoying it alot! Thanks for your hard work!

    • Simon Greenthumb

      Super informative videos. I would love to know about your thoughts in hamstring tendonitis presenting behind the knee when sleeping or sitting.
      I’ve seen 3 physios and i’m no closer to fixing it.
      I know this affects so many road cyclists.

    • Alejandro Carrizo

      Resultados de traducción
      Jeff, can you include a routine for the core pecs? that includes something simple to do at home. Thanks, boss !!!

    • L P

      Jeff I have to say I am a fan of all your videos and you have really given me a lot of great advice that I have in fact used for myself. I am working on getting a bigger chest for the most part but I am also trying to maintain weight to pass my military height and weight requirements. I even used your nutritional advice with your oatmeal breakfast with my own little twist to it. Using a little less ingredients but same great test. Thank you for your videos and wisdom. Keep putting out more great facts for those of us that need it.

    • Miguel Alvarez

      Hey Jeff, I have to say your videos have had a very great impact on my fitness life. I really appreciate how you offer us your extensive knowledge of fitness and the human body. Not only have I made a lot of adjustments from watching your videos, but I have also seen improvements and results in certain areas of my fitness. Achieving a strong and lean physique is my personal goal. As someone with a fast metabolism, I find it hard to pack mass quick, but using your advice on nutrition has allowed me to see gains faster. I know that half of the journey to my goals is achieved at the gym, but the other half is in the kitchen with a strong and balanced diet. I am currently weighing 142 pounds, but I really would like to be sitting at a minimum of 152 pounds by the end of the year. Your videos are great because they are short and easy to understand. Additionally, you offer us your knowledge free of charge through YouTube rather than creating a fitness program that is normally very expensive. I plan on continuing to take as much health and fitness knowledge as possible by watching your videos to reach my goals. Thank you for your content.

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      • A l e x.

        You’re my idol ❤️

        Happy early birthday Jeff, I love you very much, greetings from Mexico 🙂

    • 3dy

      Love the science behind all of this plus there’s no bs with this guy.

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