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Funk takes you through a 15-minute chest workout targeting every part of your chest to help stimulate muscle growth. Try this 14-minute chest workout build muscle.

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Today I am excited to bring you an epic chest workout that will launch a metabolic assault on your pecs while targeting every part of your chest so you can stimulate advanced level muscle growth.

One body part training, like the one today, has several benefits for muscle building and strengthening.

This type of advanced-level split essentially allows each body part its own training day, enabling you to increase volume and intensity to maximum levels without having to worry about leaving anything in the tank for a body part to follow

A single-muscle workout schedule can enable you to train efficiently by keeping your workout sessions shorter, because you don't have to do exercises for your entire body in each workout.

In addition, training one body part per day allows each body part to have plenty of recovery time before the next workout for that specific body part

So today I am going to take you inside this training but with a metabolic twist. You will perform 14 different chest exercises one after the other with little rest in between and is extremely challenging but so to help maximize your lean muscle definition, size and density.

When it comes to building a define chest these workouts are as good as they get, especially because you have never trained this way before.

Overloading the chest with different movements and exercises targeting the chest allows you to target the pectoralis major and minor while hitting your upper, mid and lower chest all in one workout.

And because we are using different exercises and different tempo we can trigger myofibrillar hypertrophy which will lead to stronger, denser and slightly larger muscles and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy makes the muscle larger.

If you are like this type of workout and are interested in building a lean and muscular physique the I highly recommend that you look out for my Total Body Terminator which is my soon to be released 5 day split bodybuilding program using this type of protocol.

Killer 15 Minute Chest Workout – No Repeat Circuit
Perform each exercise for 35 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other

1. Floor Chest Press
2. Push Ups
3. Eccentric Floor Flyes (slow)
4. Decline Chest Press Bridge
5. Crush Chest Press
6. Wide Chest Press
7. Chest Flyes
8. Chest Press With rotation
9. Standing Chest Flyes – Adduction Right
10. Standing Chest Flyes Left
11. Tempo Chest Press – Power Chest press
12. Iso Chest Press
13. Right Fly
14. Left Fly

Warm Up Routine

Post Workout Stretch Routine


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    • Funk Roberts

      The Funkster is BACK!!! Hey Funk Army I truly missed you over the past couple months…I have focusing on providing KILLER workouts, coaching, support and content for my Online Fitness Membership programs…but now I am back to provide weekly workouts so that 2023 can be an incredible year for your health, wellness and fitness! – This workout is a chest circuit, taken from my soon to be released Total Body Terminator – 5 Day Split Metabolic Bodybuilding Workout Program…(I gotta shorten that name)..Anyway it’s absolutely awesome and I know you are going to LOVE IT! – PLUS I am gifting YOU a FREE 4 Week Lean Muscle program as well…just to show my appreciation for all your support over the years…click the link in the description…Can’t wait for you to try this circuit…and as always LIKE SHARE COMMENT and GET IT DONE! – Funk

      • bcboxingchris

        Did it with the resistance bands works very well funk but very challenging 👍

    • Richard Perez

      Welcome back Funk!

      • Funk Roberts


    • Micki Lynne

      Where’s Angela??Love your workouts 🏋🏾‍♀️with her too. 😊

      • Funk Roberts

        She is coming back too but you can get here on Instagram @angkbworkouts

    • Ian Origbo

      Just in time, was looking for chest workout. ✌

      • Funk Roberts

        Yes Ian..this will be great

    • bcboxingchris

      Hi funk going to try this workout with resistance bands and will let you know how it goes👍

    • Олег Рудаев

      Спасибо большое! Будем честны перед собой! Тренировка в 15 минут – только начало, потом и 40 будет мало. Очень интересно, когда упражнения не повторяются…время ” пролетает” незаметно. Привет с Донбасса

    • JDave Foster

      Hey Funk – I’m a 67 year old man. Two days ago I led an exercise class at Ludus Mixed Martial Arts here in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. All except one student was in their teens, twenties, or early thirties and they found it challenging. I couldn’t have done it without your help/inspiration!

    • Tommy Thompson

      Glad your back brother and looking forward to your future workouts!

    • K. G.

      Welcome Back Funk

    • Eliane Pereira Da Silva Santos

      Excelente profissional 👏👏👏

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