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Today is an important topic because aside from working out and getting back in shape, recovery is very important! As you get older, recovery takes a little bit longer than when you were younger. Whether it is after a workout or an injury, it takes a little more time. I am going to give you 5 tips to heal your body faster, and the last tip might surprise you. Let’s get started with these 5 tips to help you heal your body faster.

Tip #1: EAT HEALTHIER. We tend to want to eat comfort food, especially when we have an injury. Avoid the sugars and processed foods because that will hinder the healing process. Focus on eating whole foods and protein to help you recover from workouts and injuries. When recovering, you might need to try and eat more protein than you usually would.

Tip #2: EAT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOODS. There are lots of natural foods that we can eat to help us reduce inflammation. If you struggle to eat foods to help with this, you can always try to take a supplement. They do not work for everyone, but it is worth giving it a try. We have a supplement called TestoGreens, and it will help you get all the greens in each day that you need.

Tip #3: EAT LESS INFLAMMATORY FOODS. Refined sugar is one of the biggest things you need to avoid. Beer, pastries, fried foods, and bread are some examples of inflammatory foods to avoid.

Tip #4: MINDSET. Try to avoid any unnecessary stress, and it may not even be related to an injury you may have. It could be family, finances, work, or a list of so many other things. When you have a lot of stress, your body produces a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is inflammatory, and it will lower your motivation and body’s ability to produce testosterone.

Tip #5: SLEEP. Sleep plays a key role in repairing your body and damaged muscle fibers. Sleep is crucial in so many aspects of your body and its functions. Make sure you are at least trying to get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep each night.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial on how to recover faster after workouts and injuries. Make sure to use these 5 tips in your weekly routine. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle and lose fat at the same time.

    10 replies to "How To Heal Your Body Faster (AFTER WORKOUTS AND INJURIES!)"

    • Johnny Allen

      Thanks for the great information!

    • Bobby Tucker

      Thanks Mark!

    • James Ward

      I enjoyed the video, and the knowledge you share with us. I stop buying sugar, pepper, soda and any seasoning years ago. I cook my food with no seasoning at all. my meat I let them cook in their own juices, or air fry. for years I used steak sauce, and one day it came to me, II didn’t know how the meat taste, because I got so use to the steak sauce. Once I cut out the steak sauce, mayo and so, the meat was so freaking good, by itself. When I attend a program and they serve food afterwards, I don’t stay. Often, I am asked, why I want to stay and eat, I tell them, because I don’t know what they have in the food. Many people like to add to much sugar and salt to their food. I take one day a week, and cook, my melas for 5-7 days, so on those long days, I don’t have to cook or eat fast food. I can just go to fridge and warm up in my air fryer. I don’t do any snaking; my meals are spaced apart to where there is no need to snack if everything stays on schedule. I’ve shared this before. My breakfast is at 12:00 am early morning, lunch is between 8-8:30am, I will grab something after my workout. Dinner is between 2-3:00pm and I am in the bed by 6:00pm. I work out 4 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday., Saturday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday are my off days. I enjoy during things I like, alone with going to the grocery store, mowing the lawn cooking for a week. My children are grown and gone, so this is my time, and I am enjoying it.

    • Clive Williams

      Wow…a supplement that fights off inflation…im ordering some lol

    • The Ice Age Is Coming.


    • John Grytbakk


    • John F

      Mark, great video. You weren’t totally wrong about inflation. Eating and drinking fried foods and soda will inflate your core.😄

    • Lex Fauser


    • Doc Doc

      Fight off inflation? 🤔 Interesting. I think I’ll take another nap now since it’s so healing 😆

    • Kevin Philip

      Thank you

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