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Creatine 101:
(1:45) Creatine benefits proven by research
(4:35) Creatine side effects for men
(6:24) Best forms of Creatine
(7:42) How to take Creatine monohydrate
(10:00) FAQs about creatine

Out of all the performance-enhancing supplements, creatine is the one that stands to benefit almost everyone. This video will guide you through how to use creatine for beginners, what is creatine and how it works, how to use creatine effectively, and much more.

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Find out what creatine does to your body, its benefits, side effects, and how you should take it.
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**Disclaimer: This information is for reference purposes ONLY and cannot replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Results vary by individual, so we do not guarantee you will get the same results as any shown here or on our website.

    33 replies to "Creatine 101 — What Creatine Does To Your Body and How It Works"

    • Tony Lars

      Never knew all this info about Creatine before but now I’m a lot more knowledgeable on it, great video!

      • Leonida Sheets

        I agree with you it is a great video.

      • Bradley Brinzer

        It’s amazing what you don’t know. thankfully guys like him can tell us.

      • slyvatic atom

        Great video !!!!

    • Nempie Blues

      Always wondered what creatine was, but figured it was some kind of body builder supplement so never paid it too much attention. You’ve provided a lot of information, thanks!

    • M L

      fantastic explanation Dr! Always look forward to your vids, whether it’s these ‘lectures’ or the workout vids!

      • Mona Ladyconsumer

        These videos are so helpful – I really appreciate them!

    • stj4mw

      I’ve always wondered exactly how creatine works. I had no idea it was a naturally occurring substance in the body! Really appreciate this information and going over the best forms of creatine, I’m at the point where I’ve lost a lot of weight and want to start building some muscle so will be starting to use creatine soon. This information is really gonna help.

      • Pat C

        Did you start using it? Did it work for you over this year?

    • Chromiur

      Very informative. The most valuable video i’ve seen about creatine. Thanks!

      • Sandy Moonstone🔯

        Rolando ; I do not see this guy eat creatine .
        . Mountaindog had a heart attack at 48 y.o.

    • askthemadhatter

      I never heard of creatine until now with this video. This really opened my mind about it. This video went into so much information about creatine. Thank you for always being so helpful and educational my mind about health.

    • Alice Wyatt

      Never would’ve thought about the effectiveness of creatine before I came across this. So glad you shared this as I started working out recently and I can’t wait to include this in my routine now!

    • Nama Ste

      There are concerns about hair loss you haven’t addressed at all. It would be nice if you had discussed them in the potential side effects. Could be a myth or not, it would be nice to know.

    • Yer Yang

      I’m taking Anatomy and Physiology 1 right now and we are learning about creatine. I wanted to understand it more and I found your video, and I have to say you did a really good job on covering this topic. I”ve never taken creatine, but after this video I am tempted! Thank u!

    • Marcus J

      Great video. Very clear 👍🏻 And no time wasted, which is appreciated 🙏🏻

    • Andrew Carlson

      Great content and very informative, you earned another subscriber here.

      I was one of the ones that was using creatine as a pre workout supplement. Another point to make about the loading phase (which I would also do) is that it’s expensive. You’ll use up a good half or more of your container loading, just to find out it’s not necessary. Thanks FFP !

    • Marshall Kahanu

      Thank you for the info..!
      I’m 41, father of three, hard working commuter! I recently started looking into creating and had no idea how it works. This post cover a lot of ground to my questions. The heaviest I’ve been was 165lbs. With just whey protein, nitric oxide, and a fatty diet (I ate what ever i got my hands on). It took a lot of work trying to put on that weight but, after a death in the family, I haven’t trained in over 10 years, and I dropped 12 lbs. now, I’m planning on getting back into training, and I thought I’d give creative a try.
      Thank you for the 411!

    • T M

      Excellent video. This is different from what is normally out there. Not an info-mercial. Very informative! Kudos to you. I’d like more information on the affects creatine has on older gym members. I just started working out again after many years. I loved it back in the day, so I”m getting back in after seeing the effects of age and inactivity and what it is doing to my body. I’m 66 and love the lifting because it’s better for you. Is there a cut off point in age where any type of supplement really doesn’t do any good?

    • James Langill

      Thanks for all the info. I’ve been thinking about adding this supplement to my workout routine, and this video answered a lot of my questions. Super informative – thanks!

    • Stuart Carter

      14 minutes of well researched absolute value bombs!! Bravo dude! Fantastic video x

    • Tim Wattrus

      Dude, I love this video. It’s just perfect straight to the point content.
      Thank you

    • Randall Realty

      Excellent video – I used to rotate “on-off” (about every 4-8 weeks). Did not know one could continue without issue. Real glad to hear positive support concerning the kidneys – Now have some information about elevated creatinine levels. Lastly, I took my creatine with my BCAA’s drink during my workout – I’ll add it to my whey shake after and see.

    • rebas04

      Great video. Competed years ago back when some of these myths were thought to be true, I always felt like I had a constant pump while on it, got extremely stronger too, I did both the recommended loading dose which is expensive due to the amount you have to take, did the “I have to go off of it “ cycle, tried it without the loading dose and got the exact same positive gains. Thanks for the vid, buying some tonight.

      • WARBOT

        Constant pump thing , I too feel it

    • OnTheRiver66

      Great information. I started taking creatine recently, 5 grams a day, and I am a casual weight lifter. After two weeks I noticed I was able to add 2 reps to most of my sets and if that continues I’ll increase the weights. If you have stomach discomfort taking with food seems to solve that problem.

      • Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers

        Excellent 😊

    • Noel Velez

      Been talking creatine over 25 years and whey protein over 30 years both great products.Been working out over 40 years. I’m 62 now

      • Justin Gallant

        @glenn hankins 80 bucks ?? 😂

      • R S

        @Matthew Campoli me too

      • J.B. Crouse

        @Benjamin Baker whey has been around forever. Just in a different form. People use to eat kurds and whey over a hundred years ago.

      • Earl Coles

        What is your opinion on German Creapure, and the rest are made in China ? Do you believe it matters ?

      • Chris Rhinehart

        @glenn hankins incorrect there is a protein by muscle sport called lean whey iso hydro very high quality protein I highly suggest you look into it

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