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Cleanest Keto Snack Foods at Walmart – Quick Grocery Haul – Thomas DeLauer

All right, it's time to go pick up some healthy snacks at Walmart. Now we're going to go kind of the traditional keto route here, but what I'm going to do is I'm going to grab maybe seven, eight snacks that I think are just ideal when it comes down to keto at Walmart.

I know it's a little bit windy so hopefully you can hear me okay. The interesting thing is Walmart's done a really good job with keto friendly and just low carb options, surprisingly. So a lot of the things here are trap foods though. So we need to break down the ingredients and help you pick out different snack foods in different sections.

So let's head on in. We have been kicked out of Walmart before, so hopefully it doesn't happen this time. We're going to try to keep it discreet and just very positive and helpful. We'll you see inside.

Okay. Some of the things you want to look at when you're looking at almonds in particular at Walmart. Okay, look at this. We've got, actually I'll show you over here. We've got almonds. Then we've got vegetable oil, almond, canola, and/or safflower oil.

This is what scares me. First of all canola oil is not expeller pressed. So because it's not expeller pressed, it means that you're getting all the GMOs, but you're also getting the really low quality omega 6s that we don't want there.

So what's also interesting is whenever they say canola and/or safflower oil, it really upsets me because what does that tell you? It tells you that they don't even really know. They don't have a clear line of delineation of what's in there.

The bang for the buck. Great value. Straight up, just raw almonds here. But even if you go for the roasted ones. Let's see, so almonds, vegetable oil, almond, canola and/or safflower. So normally I would say go for the roasted because it breaks down the phytic acids so that you actually get more absorption of the minerals.

What phytic acid is, is phytic acid is something that is in these almonds that makes it so that it chelates excess minerals within your gut. So chelating of minerals in your gut means that all the iron, the magnesium, the good minerals you're getting from the almonds end up getting excreted out of the body because they're chelated because of something called phytic acid.

If you've ever looked at like animal droppings, you see that the lot of times there's nuts and seeds in the animal droppings. That's simply because the phytic acid has it so it doesn't break down.

Pistachios here. The thing I do like about pistachios is there's a barrier to entry. Okay. These are trap foods. Nuts are trap foods. You end up consuming a ton of calories, and you just got to be careful. So interesting with pistachios, at least you have a shell that's going to give you a little bit of a barrier to entry.

You're not going to consume as much. They're going to slow you down a little bit unless you go with the no shell version, which you can end up eating a ton of. But in that case, look at the carbohydrate content of macadamia nuts. Four grams. Okay.

Versus eight, double the carbohydrate content, okay? We're looking at a lot more carbohydrates in the pistachios. So we're going to go with these. These make the cut. And they're simple, easy snack size.

Okay, so all the protein powders here. Wow. They've stepped up their protein powder game. I'm not going to lie. Certified grass fed whey. They've gotten Garden of Life certified grass fed whey. Okay, see that's a joke. I don't like that.

All right. So when it comes down to just quick snack haul, we're not looking at much. But I have pretty high standards, so we kept this really clean and quite honestly not the cheapest. But at least now you know some of the things to avoid, some of the common pitfalls that people will make where they're just running in for a quick snack haul.

Now this is something, again, you're on the road, you see a Walmart. Yeah. This isn't like kind of stuff you're going to load up your house with. It's the kind of thing that I would do if I was like, I'm craving some snacks. I don't want to break keto.

    42 replies to "Cleanest Keto Snack Foods at Walmart – Quick Grocery Haul"

    • Shantasha Davis

      I can’t afford “clean keto” now, But I know I will have financial freedom soon! In Jesus name! And this video is so helpful! thank you

      • Rich Lo

        If you eat you can keto

      • WabiSabimua_ _

        In Jesus’ name 🙌

      • Hena Spiteri

        Praying that you can afford the foods you want❤️

      • Starry michi

        no need to buy these expensive foods for keto. just buy eggs, tomato, cabbage, plain nuts for snacks and any meat, fish, chicken. you can pair the meat with cabbage-tomato soup. i only eat one meal a day so i save a lot

      • JaxDemon

        I saved more money doing a strict keto diet for months, bin was always alot emptier and I lost 6st.

    • Mindset Reset

      This guy just taught me more than the nutrition course I just took. Well done

      • linda handley

        It’s so cool that he’s willing to share his knowledge and help others. Great guy!

    • Amalia Aleman

      I’m used to ordering online keto stuff but this video is great since I have a Walmart down the street. Thank you for making this so much easy since a lot of items have maltodextrin. Thank you so much!!!

    • B V

      I remember when we used to be able to shop at Walmart without face masks. Those were the days.

      • sinthalis

        @Have a Banana I’m not going to be a slave just so you can feel better.

      • listen up

        I never wore a mask at Walmart. Take whole mask thing is a scam. But alot of people made alot of money selling them.

      • sagER

        I didn’t 😁 And even the homeless did not wear mask either…of course they survived! 🙄

      • B V

        @Alex Z this comment didn’t age well lol

    • Hoopmania99

      Fried Pork Skins regular flavor
      Almonds w/o canola oil (Great Value, raw almond, whole natural)
      Macadamia Nuts, walnuts, pecans
      Susie’s good fats
      Whey protein isolate (watch out for milk protein and casein)
      Walnut butter (can change b/w almond butter and peanut butter) becareful of certain brands
      Sardines in olive oil
      Chunk light tuna, becareful of mercury content
      Natural cut beef sausage
      Amy’s house with chicken (low carbs)
      Medium to Sharp cheddar

      • Anthony Lopez

        Bless you. I love watching the video but sometimes i makes a list so its easier to see these comments with timestamps are premade lists.

      • U.S.A.


      • Shane Kasper

        Thank you Hoop!

      • Shane Kasper

        @JodiB 444 I have several cows with attitudes that could change your mind lol.

      • Duellona Boudica

        @JodiB 444 Since you don’t eat four legged creatures are you advocating 6 & 8 legged creatures?

    • 88AlphaSierra

      Watching a video like this makes you realize just how badly the food industry is destroying our health on a national scale.

      • Terry Nasso

        @Matt Guxxxtt Carbs turn into sugar. Too much makes you put on weight. Here he’s going for snacks that haven’t been adding to the total daily allowance for carbs

      • Will

        Ultimately we decide what we put in our bodies.

      • Mastermindyoung14

        I’ve yet to see a garden salad with these issues…

      • Cole Cole

        @M W They one this war years ago. There is no turning back. Profits are to high.

    • george leinberger

      I love the grocery hauls. So much easier to look for brands than to read every nutrition label

    • Jen Casey

      I’ve been buying all the wrong snacks. I’ve been only looking at the carbs and not the ingredients. Thank you for your video. It helped me understand

    • Melanie C

      Thank you soooo much for this video. So informative! Especially when you picked up the pizza crust with cauliflower which I bought before and thought I was doing good. That really saddens me that it’s this hard to actually find good decent foods to get healthy and to be able to even buy it. Why is it that healthy food has to cost sooo much more?? Even the cheese sticks and beef jerky you went thru crushed my heart. I always get the mozzarella cheese sticks and now you say there not keto clean? Im crying 🙁

    • chelsea Drew

      Thank you for this video! I’ve been trying to go more organic with my food and this was really helpful!

    • Cat Tenshi

      Soooo informative! You always answer alot of my questions as to what product to buy and comparisons, so THANK YOU! Also, I agree Walmart has TRIED to bring in the keto crowd and is doing pretty well AND they have a great price on Kerrygold butter! 🤙 #subscribed

    • micdrop1991

      Great video. I totally enjoyed “shopping” with Thomas and learned a ton about comparing ingredients.

    • martha

      I am not amazed by the clean keto choices Walmart has, I am amazed with your brain that analysis all this, amazing info!

    • Lisset Sanchez

      Thank you for taking the time to make this video. Means the world to some of us who are new to the keto lifestyle! ☺️

    • xoRitz727xo

      Thank you. Learning how to eat healthy is hard. I love the way you break everything down for us, and you are price conscious! You rock!

    • Thomas DeLauer

      Please join my email list and you’ll get a free beginner keto meal plan:

      • linda handley

        Is there a charge for joining?

      • Legion Reaver

        It you ask the managers before hand and show up very early in the mornings they’d probably all let you film whenever you like. lol

      • lemonborn


    • linda handley

      When I first started keto, just about the time you made this video, it would have been great to shop with you, but these videos are great. I educated myself about the diet by reading and watching experts like you, so I knew the basic concept of the diet, but I never really did much snacking other than a few pecans that I roasted myself in seasoned salt, a little garlic and sweet butter! It sure kept me from being hungry. In fact, the crazy thing about the diet was that you don’t even Think about food. When I was on medium to heavy carbs, all I did was think about eating, because like, every 4 hours, I would get hungry! Ridiculous! One of the things I love is sweet cream Irish butter! Yum! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!😊

    • Theda Renee Williams

      Thank you for this information and the time you took. I take my almonds home and roast them myself in the airfryer. Then once a roasted I can add my own mineral sea salt and a little olive oil or coconut oil yum yum

    • Cindi Mams

      Oh wow it just hit me that homemade ceasar salad can be Keto and clean friendly. It’s so easy- whisk egg yolk (or egg sub) in olive oil, add fresh Parmesan cheese, squeeze a lemon, sea salt and pepper. I’m new to Keto and learning so much from this channel. Thank you so much!

    • Steven Prosser

      Raw almonds: originally I started roasting them myself because I couldn’t get roasted at that time. Easiest thing ever. Nine minutes on a cookie sheet at 350. Don’t stress over spacing – sometimes crowded sometimes not. But I kept doing it because they taste amazing – especially when they are still warm. For some reason they just blow store bought roasted (and I’m not talking about the store bought ones with oil and spices added – just plain roasted almonds) away.

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