Learn more about the root cause of erectile dysfunction and five simple things you can do about it.


0:00 Introduction: Solutions and strategies for erectile dysfunction
0:35 Erectile dysfunction causes
1:45 Understanding nitric oxide and erectile dysfunction
5:00 How to naturally increase nitric oxide
7:04 Check out my video on a helpful and unique breathing technique!

Researching potential solutions for erectile dysfunction can be confusing. The biggest strategies for erectile dysfunction are all about managing it—but what about fixing it?

People often think erectile dysfunction is caused by low testosterone. But, while testosterone is part of the answer, there is more to this issue than that alone.

Nitric oxide is one of the most important molecules involved in erectile dysfunction, and it decreases as you age. I believe the most likely cause of erectile dysfunction has to do with a deficiency of nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide helps relax your arteries and increase blood flow. It also helps you make testosterone and is involved in the hormone that controls the amount of testosterone your body makes.

Nitric oxide increases the oxygen release in your blood and regulates cortisol. People with sleep apnea and stress or anxiety have an increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

Nitric oxide is also involved in your sleep cycles. A sleeping problem increases your risk of erectile dysfunction. Nitric oxide increases insulin sensitivity, which could explain why diabetes increases your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Keep in mind that statin drugs can also increase your risk of low testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

How to increase nitric oxide naturally:
1. Do nasal breathing
2. Do regular exercise
3. Consume more foods high in nitrates
4. Avoid sugar, alcohol, and stress
5. Improve your sleep



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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain the top natural things you can try to potentially reverse erectile dysfunction. I’ll see you in the next video.

    69 replies to "5 Simple Things to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction (ED)"

    • Bruce Roberts

      A deficiency in Nitric Oxide is the most likely reason for difficulty getting erections.
      Ways to increase Nitric Oxide:-
      1) Breathe through your nose, not your mouth.
      2) Exercise regularly.
      3) Eat nitrates (beets, spinach, kale, any leafy greens).
      4) Avoid sugar, alcohol and stress.
      5) Improve your sleep.

      • Bob Davidson M.D.

        Prostrate problems don’t help , when you get older.
        Like shooting pool with a piece of rope.

      • Sam G.


      • Sam G.

        @Francisco Fernandes TEQUILA WORKS MAGIC!!😉👉

      • SpartanfighterX10

        Also quit porn.

      • Infinite G

        @Bob Davidson M.D. or like sticking a marshmallow through a coin slot

    • • SaltRock

      QUESTION: Please discuss water retention, causes and cures. Maybe I eat too much salt and don’t sweat enough. Great show as always. Thanks Doc

      • Experiment HealthyKeto

        It’s most likely a lack of potassium and far too many carbs and /or stress. He made a few videos on water retention.

      • Experiment HealthyKeto

        @• SaltRock One can balance salt with enough potassium. Having enough salt is vital to reduce stress, for energy, ect. So it’s important to have enough salt. And if you are worried to have too much, just have a scoop of potassium. I personally use a nutrients app to compare my nutrients intake with how I feel.

      • Nasser MJ

        Me, 10 cups or more daily & Lo salt (1/2 the sodium)

      • Ray Mond

        shavegrass is an herb for that. im sure more is needed than an herb, but its worth mentioning.


        How to cure spermathorhea?-“”-“

    • joshua kincaid

      I’m glad that you’re talking about this topic. I haven’t seen too many doctors talk about it especially not from a physiological standpoint. Also , I think I’ve heard about nitric oxide in a book once. Or at least nitric oxide synthase or something like that. It’s nice to here about it in a specific context because it helps me understand it better !

      • ISSA VIBEZ

        Health industries including schools only talk about treatment and people are blinded and brainwashed and never think why treat instead of fixing it cause they don’t cure since it’s all about treat they want u to rely on their stupid medicines prescriptions which I don’t know why people even trust those things those just worsen issues and barely fix anything and destroy the body

      • John Bodner


      • Original Man

        Because not many doctors are learned on the hollistic connection, just prescribing drugs

      • Ray Sm

        That is because t he y want to get you hooked on drugs like Viagra and Cialis ☹️☹️☹️

    • sdean4816

      I’m 64, never smoked, don’t drink to excess, go to the gym 4 days a week, eat healthy and drink about 6 ounces of beet juice a day and still get great erections. Not like I got when I was a teenager but still very good. It’s all about the healthy living in my opinion.

      • Just me

        @Bob K you asked me where I live.

      • Bob K

        @Just me because there must be something in the water in your area

      • Just me

        @Bob K or it could be the frozen tundra so that’s our form of enjoyment?🤣🤣

      • A Mack

        @Just me Exactly.
        His experience. Not fact . Maybe its🤔…never mind

      • Hari Varshan

        Get a hooker scooter

    • Herbies Garage

      61 years following your advice with keto and IF and I lost 20 lbs and feel great. ED has been an issue but is getting a whole lot better. Added some of the things listed in this video as well as L arginine, folic acid, and ginkgo biloba, Thank you Dr Berg! I have watched tons of your videos, you probably saved my life

      • Giovanni Womack

        @African Godman put me on quen

      • Matt Fletcher

        Vitamin D3 helped me a lot.

      • Aden Goh

        @Paul Segers Yes. Paul. Supplement with L-Arginine. Like Proagi9 plus.

      • My Self

        @David Bea just like Stopping ur desire or controlling it


        How to cure spermathorhea??-

    • andoletube

      I’m a bit surprised that Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) wasn’t mentioned in this video. Although the physical causes mentioned here are still important, PIED is an even bigger problem across all age-ranges than those discussed here. The easy availability of internet porn has caused a huge number of men (even teenagers) to burn out their dopamine response to sex. Even an attractive real life partner will fail to stimulate an affected porn addict to an erection. Such people will turn to increasingly extreme porn to get the buzz they need to “satisfy” themselves. It’s reached epidemic proportions. This is something that should be added to this discussion because it’s every bit as relevant, if not more so, than the material present here.

      • Sarah

        @Thegreatestman Toevrwlktheplanet you’re a porn addict aren’t you. Get some help buddy

      • Sarah

        @C Faz he’s a porn addict girl, don’t bother with him

      • Sarah

        @andoletube you mean impotent


        Is there a cure to this? I think I’m damaged. 🥲

      • Hard Worker

        I’m facing this problem bcos of my porn use. Prior to that, I use to get strong erection but not anymore.

    • Sunrise Tactical Gear

      52 year old male. I spent most of my life unable to comfortably breath through my nose during sleep. Turns out I am gluten sensitive, I am now about 95% clean for the last few years and my head congestion is the lowest in my life. No longer wake up in the middle of the night to urinate and ED is more like in my early 40’s. Just my thoughts on one root cause of not being able to breath through your nose.

      • Sunrise Tactical Gear

        @Nikhil Ninja Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into what that is.

      • Tony T

        @ Sunrise Tactical Gear
        Sugar and high carbs are the problem!
        I’ll turn 61 in November and people constantly think I’m in my late 40’s!
        No sugar or carbs for 6 years! 💯

      • K K

        The solution to every problem lies in Ayurveda. (Pranayama is an important part of yoga). You can awaken various “chakras” in your body through different breathing patterns. All those breathing problems can be rectified by reciting various Sanskrit shlokas. Those sounds and breathing patterns influences our autonomic nervous system. Btw NASA is using Sanskrit for their computational purposes.


        @K K very interesting


        How to cure spermathorhea?”:

    • CytotoxicTrev

      Balanced pelvic floor muscles also play a huge role. Overly tense muscles down in the anal and pelvic region will restrict blood flow and cause erection problems. Deep breathing and yoga stretches can help a lot.

      • toby waterpark

        This is such an underrated explanation for male-sexual-dysfunction altogether

      • P K

        Yep, kegels are only really spoken about for women. I personally think the whole pelvic floor balance has an impact on male hair loss too.

      • Michael Burman

        How does one achieve balanced pelvic floor muscles?

    • Michael Cavanaugh

      Hey Dr. Berg I read in Mens Health that research has determined that men should lift heavy weights to fatigue so that they can sleep better at night to build testosterone and don’t focus too much on cardio exercise. Also in the article was a section on men that get huge bellies produce enzymes called aromatase that turn testosterone into estrogen. Thx Mike

      • Dr. Eric Berg DC

        Yes that’s another big issue

    • Chris Robbie

      Spot on 🎯
      Everything you said is make sense
      On my case, what make things worse is I have a sinusitis (most likely) caused by rotten teeths in my mouth. Nasal breathing is difficult for me.
      November 2017, I was rushed to ER twice a day coz of panic attack.
      Sudden hyper tension, in March 2018 up till now 😪

    • Wm D.

      Learned more in 7 mins than in the past 7 yrs ~ Thanks for sharing Doc!😁👍🏾

    • Jarod Johnson

      I’m 34 and thankfully I don’t have any problems in this department right now but I’ll say from experience that opioid addiction, primarily during DT and for some time after turned me into a two pump chump. The other main problem I had was I’d let my partner cut me down in so many ways over time that I lost self confidence and we couldn’t stand each other so I think when we would have sex it’d be just to do it and get it over with. Since splitting with her I’ve surprised my partners and even myself with my performance. So yeah… Having the wrong partner and having an opioid addiction are two factors that can definitely cause erectile dysfunction.

      • Kyle

        I just went through something similar. I hate it. Now I’m ready to rebuild myself and find someone else someday.

      • Eli Nino

        Parter is probably 95% of the problem. I was single from several years. The females that were seductive I had no problems. Females that just lay there I had to take ED meds

    • Monique Correa

      I’m 39 and my husband is 43 and he’s also a diabetic and eats a horrible diet and he’s been experiencing ED for about 6 months now and it’s really had a negative affect on our marriage. We’ve only been married 11 months so to say as his wife it’s been difficult for me to deal with and even more so him. I’m an RN and I try and tell him the things that he should try and to see a doctor, but he refuses. Intimacy is a very important part of our marriage and there hasn’t been much of that lately because of his issues. I want to help him, but he’s embarrassed to speak to a doctor about it. Thank you for bringing awareness to this common problem with men.

      • Art Urias

        Every man goes through this, they would be lying if they say they didn’t, but being unhealthy, and diabetic must be very unattractive too you. Tell him fix it or move on before you become more invested in your marriage

      • C WIT

        THATS sweet, hit im up 8+, cialis citruli etc on deck and dont have ED lol

      • Army One

        Please get him to a good Urologist. Im a 15 year Diabetic and was have severe ED issues. My Urologist put me on a medication plan that has really helped. God Bless 🇺🇸

      • Malik Ahmad

        I can help you to overcome it

    • Waqar Ali Khan

      Now this is a gem. I have watched many videos on YouTube about ED but none of them have as much convincing details as this one has. I can totally relate to this. This finally has cleared up my doubts and helped me diagnose my problem of ED. Thanks Dr. Berg for helping people out.

      • faheem Khan

        Kuch faida b hua k nii

    • Andy Commons in Canada

      What an excellent video. However I would like to ask a question about my personal situation.
      I have had testicular cancer twice and thus both have been removed. I am taking Androgel every day as a testosterone replacement and have the occasional ED issue. Would these suggestions work for me given my circumstances ?

    • Dave

      I’m 65 and I’ve been dealing with prostate cancer since I was 60. I’m also diabetic which has caused neuropathy in both legs and Charcot in both feet. I fought erectile dysfunction for probably the past 25 years or more. I’m convinced that I’ve been diabetic and didn’t know it for a number of years and it affected my ability to achieve and maintain an erection. I think it would probably make sense for anyone with ED to include a check of their glucose and A1C to ensure diabetes isn’t part of their problem.

      • Arun Jose

        what did u do overcome it?

      • Dave

        @Arun Jose no, like I said, I’ve got prostate cancer.

    • Will Smith

      Thank you for a great video. But for me the issue is slightly over simplified. There are a lot of factors contributing to ED during a sexual encounter. No doubt. Simply thinking about an ED episode you have suffered during the deed (anxiety) can cause one
      I am a 45 year old male in South Africa. About 2 months ago, I seduced a 27 year old African beauty queen and I could not get it up. Embarrassment is an understatement, let me say.But when she left the Hotel room, I was hard like a 20 year old.
      I have discovered that brisk walking in the sun works. Lots of fiber and protein in the diet cures ED. Finally do not over exercise, as the body needs at least 48 hours to restore everything back to normal including your sexual function

    • Terry Anderson

      Thank you. I’m recovering from aggressive prostate cancer and had a radical robotic prostatectomy which saved my life. Prior to that I had perfectly normal function. But as a result of the surgery I had lost some function so your advice plus what I already know and do is much appreciated

    • lansings finest

      Had ED for 10 years I was 445lbs 11 months ago . Today I’m 265lbs. Keto and fasting. Exercise once I dropped 110lbs. I do long walks 60mile bike rides and lift Weights. No longer have ED I’m 18 aging but with experience.

      • peso 3x

        Yo man I need ur help

    • Joel Koonce

      Thanks again Doc. I’m 61 and have been doing keto for almost 5 months, lost 23 pounds and have also noticed a great increase in my energy level . 😊

      • Isyaku Ibrahim


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