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As you get older, especially as a man over 50, your production of testosterone tends to decrease. It is crucial as we age, to make sure that we are optimally producing hormones, and more specifically testosterone. Testosterone is what makes us MEN, and helps with building muscle, burning fat, and many other things. Unfortunately, age is not the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to your testosterone production.

The things you consume and put into your body have an impact on your hormone production as well. There are foods you can eat, and things you can do daily to increase your testosterone levels naturally. However, there are also things that negatively impact your production of testosterone.

Here are 4 daily habits that you need to avoid because they are lowering your testosterone!

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    4 replies to "4 Daily Habits That Lower Testosterone (AVOID THESE!)"

    • the brink

      You can use baking soda for your teeth. You won’t find anything cheaper and it works. I’ve been doing it for 20+ years.

    • Steve Red

      Thanks for helping us change our lives for the better πŸ™

    • william fox

      With age comes stress.

    • Rene Medina


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