It is very possible to lose weight and burn fat from working out at home. Especially when you are doing a workout with very little rest, and doing exercises that burn fat and build muscle. This type of workout is a cardio workout, but not your typical kind of cardio. You are going to be out of breath in this workout, and you are going to get some great results.

This type of cardio workout will help you burn fat long after your workout is done. It is kind of like you are doing a HIIT workout because you are resting very little between exercises and sets. This is also great for men over 50 because you will also build muscle and increase your production of testosterone.

Here are the 6 exercises in this amazing 10 minute anabolic cardio workout for men over 50!

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    5 replies to "10 Minute Anabolic Cardio Workout"

    • Chris Robinson

      Great video

    • joey paisano

      im 34. 200 lbs some. pretty chubby. will do this today

    • Bob Lowry

      Less time needed for talking. It’s like listening to my mother explain something simple. Absolutely painful

    • John Grytbakk

      I get my best cardio doing squats. ….slow and deep and consentrated. Sure gets my heart working. Out of breath. It’s great cardio.

      • John Grytbakk

        And I do a LOT of reps, and maybe 8 to 10 sets, slowly laying on more weights.

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