New research was published this year that showed those who made these super simple diet changes lost more weight, lowered their cholesterol, reduced their triglycerides, and experienced many other positive health benefits… all while keeping calorie intake the same.

Let's dive into the study and discus those simple diet changes in a vlog style video where I share every meal I eat for the day, footage from my workout, and my overall active lifestyle.

Link to the research

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    14 replies to "Simple Diet Changes To Lose More Weight (New Research)"

    • Dose of fitness

      nice job !

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked


    • Jeff Chan

      I love this style of video. A lot of work for sure to make because you are breaking it up into parts. Learnt a lot and enjoyed the variety of footage! Many thanks

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        Thank you so so much for the positive feedback my brother. I REALLY enjoy recording this style of day in the life type video, so I’m glad to hear that it’s resonating with others. Also glad to hear that you found value in the content.

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      What simple changes are you making to your diet to help you lose more weight and feel your best? For more tips download your FREE guide Lose Fat Get Jacked šŸ‘‰

    • chris rocco

      u look amazing! love when u do these style of vids…The study is correct and old news…Ive been around the block lol I have gained weight with a crappy low quality diet in a “deficit’ I raised my calories significantly with whole foods “high quality” diet and weight loss occured …Calories are the last thing on the totem pole..its hormonal ! great video:)

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        So glad to hear that you are enjoying this style of video. I’ll definitely be recording more like this. I absolutely 100000000% wouldn’t interpret this study with the conclusion that calories are the last thing on the totem pole and it’s all hormonal. I don’t agree with that in the very least. It’s absolutely about calories in vs calories out. But the quality of food we consume definitely has an impact on how our body burns calories, can have an impact on digestion (which has an impact on calories burned), has an impact on our hormones (which impacts calorie burn), and can also lead us being more active subconsciously (which increases calories burned). So when you are eating more food that is greater quality you are likely burning more calories and when you’re eating fewer calories you are likely burning less calories, both of which have an impact on your calorie deficit.

      • chris rocco

        some perspective 2 weeks ago 214lbs this morning 209…thanks to u my friend

    • Brad Gilden

      Which fish oil do you take? You mentioned it.

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        Thanks for asking. This is the Omega 3 Fish Oil that I use

    • Sophie cooks

      Great video. Read the book Atomic Habits. It is aligned with the idea that real change happens when we make small changes in our everyday lives.

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        Thank you so much for the positive feedback. Atomic Habits is a fantastic book. I reference it in the video I’ll be publishing on Sunday šŸ˜Š

    • Fit and 50

      Great video Scott, quality of food makes a huge difference to our health. Iā€™m looking forward to reading through that study. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        Thanks a million for the positive feedback brother! I’m looking forward to hearing your insights about the study.

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