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    7 replies to "Old bodybuilder 70 years old l bill hendricks l Age is Just Numbers"

    • Bryan Richard

      wow break me in half old guy

    • Robert France

      The definition of 70 years young.Impressive! 😀💕💪

    • genek64

      Bill as one of the most beautiful bodies on earth – and an incredible wit as well. He’s also handsome, has beautiful hair, and a great attitude.

    • Darren West

      He looks brilliant, can someone please tell me what he’s on, that can’t be a natural?

    • Ahed Nassif

      What’s his name?

    • Walidhasan Hasan

      What Facebook his dady

    • José Manuel Rodríguez Serrano

      Un físico muy bueno con abdomen tremendo.👍💪✌️

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