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Highlight of the Fighter Combat Conditioning seminar run by Funk Roberts at Tiger Muay Thai, MMA and Fitness Academy in Thailand. Funk ran some of the worlds top combat athletes through a metabolic bodyweight workout.
Fighters including men and women that currently fight for Bellator, OneFC, WSOF, Glory Kickboxing, Kunlun Fight, Desert Force, RoadFC, along with multiple world muay thai champions.

Download 28 Day Bodyweight Workout Program –
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Metabolic Bodyweight Workout for Fighters
Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest one after the other. After you complete all 10 exercises, rest for 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds.

Bunny Hop Burpees
Abs Spring Ups
Low Explosive Lunges
Explosive MMA Push Ups
Stationary Sprints
Kick Outs
Kick Ups
Jump Squats
Plank Around the World
Combo Sprawls

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    37 replies to "MMA Bodyweight Workout – Combat Conditioning – Tiger Muay Thai"

    • Eric Echols

      I burnt 300 calories just watching this video. Thanks man. ready for the next one.

      • Robs Fitness Range

        Good hard exercise. that’s always the best

      • Benjamin Lee

        oof i gained 300 calories watching this

      • mr.akumpo

        @Benjamin Lee big oof

      • Bruno Miguel


      • icy pearl


    • Emily Gooding

      This was insane. I’ve been doing it for months and it is still just as hard as the first time

      • Jan Albert Parreno

        wow, but did your endurance and strength improoved significantly?🙂

      • Alger Acosta

        Maybe be mindful of your diet

    • Manoranjan Leichombam

      I’ve been doing this atleast twice a week. I can’t do more than one round though. It felt great so I will keep doing it.

    • Divyanshu Darshna

      I felt the intensity, great workout!

    • Mystery47

      I remember 50 years ago when I was 24 years old and bench pressing and squatting with 300 lbs and deadlifting 400 lbs. I joined a local karate school and did their bodyweight calisthenics. After about 30 minutes, I was ready to heave up a lung. Funny how strength doesn’t always carry over to endurance. Then, compare the jumping ability of a ballet dancer with a powerlifter. There’s a lot to be said for bodyweight exercising. Just ask any Navy SEAL or Special Forces guy.

      • Cornelius Johnson

        @Mudejar Training & Natural Sciences Meh. Bodybuilders are strong just not athletic or flexible usually.

      • Mayur Singh

        Weights are good but depending on them for solo fitness is not good you must do bodyweight exercises it gives you better control of your body increases flexibility , strength and cardio
        People say the strength becomes stagnant after some time but whats the use of lifting 300lbs i dont think anyone lifts that heavy in day to day life

      • Mayur Singh

        @Cornelius Johnson maybe they should focus more on health than aesthetic

      • Cornelius Johnson

        @Mayur Singh they’re not mutually exclusive my man. There are in fact many bodybuilders who win 5k and 10k races. It’s simple a bodybuilder who doesn’t run…isn’t gonna be good at running. There are strength athletes who do run a lot… and they’re good at running. Besides conditioning usually occurs to whatever activity you train for baseball conditioning won’t translate to soccer and soccer won’t necessarily translate to mma conditioning. TLDR you get good at what you do. Lol

      • Jaya

        @Amit Bhola I am an NCC cadet according to me bodyweight workout is the best

    • Dyehen Slevin Kelevra

      Great video ! I had the honor of being stationed in Germany and saw the Marines combine their kickboxing and calisthenics training (if not through dipping and pull-up bars or replacements, easy to come by, using ropes as a home made TRX), dumbbells if possible (more often than not just with water jugs) and sometimes resistance bands fashioned out of pneumatic tubes from the motor pool, to create a similar workout.

      Could it be that you create a workout for any guy interested in muscle building, lean muscle, fight-ready muscle, using dips and pull ups and their variations, maybe even some free-weights, in a similar manner ?

    • Slash | Ножевой бой

      Excellent! Sir, thank you a lot for these exercises. Even though these guys were using tatami puzzles, I guess we will try them on our own at the stadium. We practise knife and stickfighting and do many things for reaction, speed and agility, but the focus is on ones legs. But now I’ll pay some more attention to shoulders and core. Thank you again!

    • Matthew Rockle

      Once again Mr. Robert’s, great workout. Your workouts are always challenging and fun at the same time. It doesn’t feel like a grind and I’m always exhausted and soaked at the end. I just completed 2 rounds with no rest. I’m done. Thank you Sir!

    • D.A. King

      Wow! Thanks for this. Been doing Crossfit a year but need to do something else different. This is exactly what I need thank you


      0:50 Bunny Hops Burpees
      1:43 Spring Ups
      2:31 Low Explosive Lunges
      3:05 MMA Push Ups
      4:04 Sprints
      4:45 Kick Outs
      5:18 Kick Ups
      5:40 Jump Squats
      6:10 Plank Around the World
      6:42 Combo Sprawls

      just leaving this here since i haven’t seen anyone time stamp it yet

      • Rey Orocio

        Do all exercises as round one or do all three rounds of one exercise then move to the next ?

      • peace Fighter 🥋

        Amazing 👍🏼

      • Luis the beast • 20 years ago

        Thank you 🙏

      • Stephen Scurlock

        I appreciate it. I love Funk. The man is the real deal. He works as hard as we do. Result oriented training. Much love. We don’t fake the funk on here.

      • luvbig41

        Thank you

    • LoopedTime

      I will be doing this all summer with my training. Went from 226 to 160 last year with boxing and diet changes. This summer will be even better!
      Thanks for the video, Liked and Subscribed Funk Robers. Cheers from Toronto

    • Christina Blain

      I was looking into doing a HIIT workout a few times a week to shed off some fat. I’m so happy I came across this. This looks seriously fun and intense. Thanks for sharing this!

      • Dawn VZ

        Hiit workouts are really fun can’t wait to try this out.

    • LeeTaijutsukai

      Great workout! Shout out to everyone exercising at home, keep motivated and chase those goals!

    • Johnny Resendiz

      This is an amazing workout. How often a week do you recommend doing this routine?

    • 山田Kevin

      Tried this just now. Got 4 exercises in and then almost passed out; my vision went blurry etc. That’s what happens though when you don’t work out much though. Next time I’m only going to try 30second rounds with 30sec rest, and then work my way up until I can do a full minute.

      • luvbig41

        Yep. That’s how I plan to do it.

      • Sigmafx

        If you’re a beginner you shouldnt be doing this lmao. This is too advanced

    • He Man

      Today I did each 10 exercises for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest to make one minute and completed 3 rounds,it was tough but feeling so relaxed and satisfaction now. Next Challenge is to do 55 seconds with 10 second rest.

    • William Collins

      I went ahead and did the workout in 30 second intervals and my rest time was watching the next workout since I’m not in very good shape 🙃

      The good- it definitely made me break a good sweat and got my lungs working 💪

      The bad- this workout is definitely designed for young already in shape people it’s high impact on your joints and some exercises have awkward twisting movements so if you have a bad shoulder hip back knee etc or over 40 and don’t want one of those things this probably isn’t the workout for you

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