If you are a man over 40, it is important to avoid injury from working out. If you are lifting really heavy weight, there are more possibilities to injure yourself, especially if you are using bad form. When using lighter weights, you can focus more on good form, mind muscle connection, and building muscle at the same time. You are more likely to build muscle from using proper form with light weights than you are using heavy weight and bad form/using momentum instead of the muscles you are working.

Whether you are at home with limited equipment or in the gym with all sorts of equipment, use lighter weight. A method you can use to help build more muscle with lighter weights is TRICON TRAINING, also known as triple contraction training. It is a total of 9 reps in a set. The first 3 reps are explosive reps, the next 3 reps are 10 second isometric holds, and the last 3 reps are 3 super slow reps.

Here are tips on how to use light weights to build big muscles!

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    5 replies to "How To Use Light Weights To Build Big Muscle (AT HOME OR IN THE GYM!)"

    • R

      Thx Gary

    • Shoobbie C

      This is excellent! Am gonna try it in my next gym session. One thing I learned is definite. As we move into our 40s and beyond training techniques has to change.

    • RaMan

      I’ll be trying this. Thanks!

    • Tiki Tim

      Do a home version with dumbbells’

    • Jeff Osborne’s

      Tri con movements work exceedingly well with resistance bands

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