When committing to starting a fitness journey, whether it is the new year, or you just decided to get in shape…one of the biggest factors to continue your goals is motivation. You can get motivation in a lot of different ways, and sometimes the biggest things are very small. You can have friends you are working out with, to continue hitting the gym or working out at home. Sometimes, just seeing small results of the muscle you are building makes a big difference.

Motivation is important to continuing your fitness journey, and reaching your fitness goals. If you lose motivation, you may stall out and not workout for a week or two. Maybe you start to hit a plateau because you are not as energized and motivated in your workouts. Having motivation will also help drive your workouts to be better!

Here are some great tips to stay motivated to workout after 40!

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    5 replies to "How To Stay Motivated To Workout After 40"

    • 炼客·Bob Fitness

      Said it right

    • manuel osvaldo mellado

      Guapo y sexy😍🤪👍👃

    • John F

      Merry Christmas! Welcome to the “Over 60 Club”.🏋️ My motivation is I take classes at the gym 5 days a week and the trainers and guys and gals count on me to unlock the weight racks and prep the classroom so the trainer can come in and start the class.

    • Shoaib Furqan

      Thank you for the the tips. . . Merry Christmas

    • Eric Ott

      I’m 55 with multiple sclerosis and love working out

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