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Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting:

– What is Intermittent Fasting
– What are the benefits (fat loss, muscle growth, cellular rejuvenation, etc.)
– How to start a fast
– How long should you fast for
– What can you consume while fasting
– How to break a fast
– When should you workout
– What are the different types of fasting
– Fasting for Men vs Women
Common Questions & Concerns:
– Muscle loss
– Thyroid function
– When to take supplements
– Alcohol's effect on fasting

Hey, so you're interested in starting intermittent fasting, or maybe you have a family member or friend that's interested in starting it. Well, this video is going to be your entire overview. It's going to give you everything you need to know to get started with intermittent fasting. So the cool thing is intermittent fasting is really easy to get started on. Now, the caveat is there is some little intricacies that you need to be paying attention to and that's exactly why I created this video in some serious detail. So what we're going to cover in this video is a number of different things, and I'm going to go down the line so that you have a solid idea of what we're going to cover.

So first off we're going to talk about what is intermittent fasting and why you shouldn't overthink it. We're going to talk about the basic benefits, not going to spend a whole lot of time on that because if you're watching this video, you're probably already interested, and your curiosity has been peaked because you know someone that has had crazy success with it. But we're going to talk about the physical benefits. In fact, fat loss and some muscle gain. We're going to talk about the mental, and the focus benefits. We're also going to talk about the cellular rejuvenation benefits, but again, not going to spend a lot of time there.

Simply put, intermittent fasting isn't a diet. Intermittent fasting is a meal timing plan. So basically what you're doing is you're focusing on a specific period of time in which you are abstaining from food and abstaining from calories and then you have a set period of time in which you consolidate all of your food, all of your calories. You're basically going for an extended period of time and not eating fasting. And then you're going into a period of time where you are eating, your fed window. So one of the biggest problems that people make with fasting is they overthink it, okay?

They tend to complicate things. And it's human nature for us to do that. So you really need to keep it very, very simple. Intermittent fasting is just not eating for a set period of time and then consolidating your calories. There's a lot of different intricacies in between, but for all intents and purposes, that's the goal. So let's briefly talk about the benefits. Okay. There are huge physical benefits and that's probably the main reason that people are attracted to intermittent fasting, and it's a good chance that that's why you're watching this video right now. Physical benefits include dramatic, dramatic fat loss all while maintaining muscle. Okay. Also, increasing muscle tone, increasing muscle density, and there're some other general things like actually improving your vascular function as well that can improve your look. So in addition to helping out your skin, helping out your appearance in that regard, there are other benefits too, like your nails, your hair, all kinds of things simply because of the nutrient uptake that occurs.

So I hope this overview has given you a solid perspective on what intermittent fasting is and what intermittent fasting is not. Honestly, it's for everybody. You can use intermittent fasting with keto. You can use intermittent fasting with paleo, being a vegan or whatever you want. The thing is intermittent fasting is the proper protocol in which you are not eating versus what you are eating.

And I want to make sure that you check out the plethora of videos that are on my channel that teach you the different intricacies, and the different little things you need to pay attention to when it comes down to intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting. Thanks for watching. Please make sure you subscribe. See you in the next video.

    66 replies to "How to do Intermittent Fasting: Complete Guide"

    • mxriamn

      3:19 What is Intermittent Fasting?

      4:10 What are the benefits

      6:46 How to start a fast

      8:00 How long should you fast for

      9:54 What can you consume while fasting

      12:20 How to break a fast

      14:25 When should you work out

      16:56 What are the different types of fasting

      19:03 Fasting for men vs women

      *Common Questions & Concerns:*
      20:31 Muscle loss

      21:23 Thyroid function

      22:49 When you take supplements

      23:43 Alcohol’s effect on fasting

      • Limitless


      • Herzy


      • DW Scores


      • Amanda Rogers

        God bless you!!!!!!

      • Timothy and Sherry Blair

        Thank you!!!

    • tony kung

      I started intermittent fasting on June 1, 2019 and by September 12, 2019 I lost 70 pounds. Beside fasting I also included a low carb diet, no sugar drinks and 1 hr workout 5 days a week. I hope to cut 100+ by the end of this year!!


        @CompPerformanceFreak I couldn’t do intermittent fasting. I can’t eat so less. I want to have 3 meals always ! 🙁 Only exercise can save me now ..I mean only this can help me losing weight. Intermittent fasting is a nonsense concept. I f I continued this..I would have lose my face glow and my hairs. 😀 that’s why I stopped this.

      • SalonSavy64

        Wow , that’s a lot of weight to loose in 3 months,,,,

      • Furquaad

        Keep it up! Damn

      • Jonathan Maner

        Hell yeah, brother

    • Christopher Flores

      So i was like 205 about a week ago im, 195 now. Fasting is definitely working for me, i’m losing bodyfat as well as building lean muscle. I feel pretty amazing overall. My 3-7 mile runs are getting easier as well. Not sure when i will stop fasting either, I also love the discipline its giving me. Im doing the 20-4 Fast. Thanks for the guide Mr.DeLauer

      • JedzillaR gaming

        Can you fast for as long as you want is it safe or I really don’t know I wanna start but I’m nit sure if I gonna 7 fay’s a week

      • Covers

        Same, I haven’t lost as much weight because my parents are concerned about me but I feel amazing. The discipline just feels awesome

      • Szilard Szabo

        @Christopher Flores I congratulate you on your effort and perseverance!
        I’ve tried a lot of different diets. I encourage you to look into traditional diets, especially as explained by the Weston A Price Foundation.
        the foods you list are great but not enough to fuel you.
        I didn’t hear a lot about fats and meat.
        I hope you’re not afraid of those! because all the science has been wrong for 60 years re fats.
        Fats are very very good for you. Our ancestors avoided lean proteins and lean meats and always try to get as much fat with their meat as possible.

        also shakes are not real food

        We need to eat stuff your grandparents ate.

      • Luca Dixon

        Okay I think

      • cheesesteakphilly

        Thank you.
        I’m starting my first time fasting (and permanently cutting pop, candy and 1/2 my carbs) tonight.

        So I’ll enjoy my last day of eating junk.
        I’m glad to read comments like this because it gives me motivation. Im skinny fat so I need to get proper body recomposition.

    • John Winnard

      Thomas, I went to my doctor yesterday for a checkup. He was practically doing cartwheels! One year ago I was 266, by October was 276. He told me to lose 15 lbs, so I lost 100. Did a lab, all my numbers are perfect, and zero prescriptions now. YOU ROCK.

      • Rachel Gratias

        Way to go John

      • Danuza Stoughton

        Wow!! Impressive!!

      • Florida Guy

        Way to go my man! You are an inspiration to many!

      • zartech

        Had a very similar experience. They thought something was wrong with me at first. They did physical endurance tests, the gains were crazy too. I walked out of there and they were stunned. Only took 2 months to drop from 230 to 190. Now I am making those gains.

    • Mel Lee

      After years of serving, bartending, and working anywhere from 5am-3am, I developed hectic eating patterns, especially when studying. I started a month ago with 8-hour fasting, and now I’m up to 12-hour fasting and doing 16 hours twice a week. It’s not hard, so I’ll be increasing my fasting time again soon.

      • Lars Hansen

        8 hour fasting.. Did you eat while sleeping before then?

      • Danger Dave

        Mel, how goes your fasting? We’re you able to achieve your goals?

      • Teijo Ylatalo

        @Lars Hansen Ha – Ha I was thinking the same. Mel Lee was sleepwalking and emptying the fridge.

      • Richard Johnnson

        @Lars Hansen z science and u88888

      • uNkNoWn GuRLy GiRl

        I need to get my eating situated. I was doing so good for two months until I went on vacation with my bfs family. They eat ALL THE TIME. Gosh I feel so swollen and fat right now. My legs are heavy and my stomach roundness never goes away😰 in his family it’s considered “rude” if you don’t eat when asked to have something. They make you feel weird if you don’t eat something. So I shove it down my throat. Now I feel terrible. I need a new bf haha jk…maybe.

    • Curtis James

      I used to get headaches everyday, where I was taking 10-20 ibuprofen a day for them and I had almost crippling lower back pain. Since I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting (23hours:1hour), my headaches and lower back pain are gone. I even dropped 60 pounds in 3 months

      • Mel

        Right on! That’s incredibly inspiring!
        Thk u for sharing ☺️

      • Jaelle

        How are you now? Did it the weight stay off?

    • Jeremy Green

      I had no experience before this video with fasting but I know I am well equipped for this lifestyle, THANK YOU! Our ancestors eating window would look very similar considering they didn’t have refrigerators or access to convenient food; It just makes sense.


      I lost a lot of weight and fat during my intermittent fast. Gave lots of clear thinking and motivation too♥️

    • Sean Quinn

      Started intermittent fasting 1 Jan 2021. The first weeks were on a 18/6 regime where the feeding window was keto based. Then shifted to OMAD (one meal a day or 23/1). Did a few 48 and 72 hour fasts as well. Lost just over 90lbs in under 5 months and now weigh just over 200lbs.

      • Floating Plasticbag

        When you transitioned to OMAD what would you eat in your one hour eating window?

      • Lovetta McAlpin

        That’s so encouraging! Did you eat a certain amount of protein grams per day & which vegetables did you consume? Did you eat lots of fat daily?

      • Love is Unconditional Hate is UNESSENTIAL

        Can you post how to start and things to eat or drink and time frames please. I want to start but I don’t know how to.

      • Jose Olivera

        That is inspiring

    • Thomas DeLauer

      Free Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (downloadable):
      Free Keto Diet Meal Plan (downloadable):

      • Tiffany J


      • Jason FENTON

        Stevia is safe for fasting

      • Jason FENTON

        @Clara Torres stevia is safe for fasting

      • Account Unfounded

        @Dane Goetzinger No

    • Husky Oskar

      Great video! I just started fasting with my eating window between noon and 8pm. And I love it. But I am so productive at work in the morning during my fast that I think I am going to expand it and have my eating window after work, between 4pm and 8pm.

    • Jon Cook

      Black coffee. After fast: bone broth. Fast length: 16 hour fast… 8 hour meal time after. WORKOUT IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FAST. No sweetners in coffee or tea. Dont mix FATS and CARBS because it will open up your cells and store fats in carbs in your cells. Start with 16 hours and then move to 18-20. Stop your eating at 10 pm then start eating at 2 PM. Caffeine helps boost fat loss and helps autophagy. Hope this helps anyone who doesnt have the patience to watch the whole video. Dont consume pre workouts during a fast. Sorry that the order is out of whack but I was just trying to get all the information down.

    • Tony Walia

      zero calorie drinks like black coffee lemon water help! Water fasting/intermittent fasting is elite knowledge! I’ve lost 22 lbs in a month and I’ve been taking scale pictures which motivate me to go harder!! I’ve done it before, but now I’m wiser with the knowledge 🙏 Thank you for your videos!

      • BAMA 2019

        @Deb Oooooh Debbborah…

      • Pamela Dunne

        Tony can I ask how long are you fasting

      • SweetCaroline

        @Deb milk breaks your fast tho

      • Deb

        @SweetCaroline I’ve always read under50 doesn’t really and it never effected me so I didn’t change.I’ve lost the weight I needed and feel great.

    • David S

      I just turned 39 and I have been feeling very sluggish and have always wanted to loose weight and live healthier. This is my second week of doing 20-4 fasting. I do light intensity workouts about 30 minutes before breaking my fast with beef bone broth then I’ll have a meal.. I only drink unsweetened fresh brewed black coffee and tea during my fast along with water.. I’m still learning but even after a week I feel really good! Thank you for all your videos! I started out at 260.. I weighed myself last night and I’m 253!!

      • vernon eguakun

        What meal do you eat

    • Sheldon

      Great video. Excited to give this a shot. I train hard and eat right. I drink more than I should and have a very tough time not eating after 10pm. I’ve been stuck at 216 and really need to sit at 190. I tend not to be hungry in the morning anyway so this seems worth a solid try

      • Banana Fone

        how’d it go?

    • The Shadow

      I’ve done several 3 day fasts and one 5 day fast for spiritual reasons but it definitely makes your brain super focused.

    • ThePuddle30

      Hey Thomas, thanks for this. Just starting intermittent fasting. I work 12 hr nights behind a desk and it’s getting to me. Hoping to take some control back with exercise and fasting. Have been skeptical about this but seems like it’s really effective! Will be watching some more of your videos to get some tips!

    • Benjamin Hawthorn

      Excellent information! I’ve been working out (abdominal exercises, push ups, & cardio for one year and I’ve lost 4″ (38″ to 34″) off my waist, but I see no reason that I should not have the 30″ waist I had as a 20 year old. I am 52 & epileptic. I have been in hospital or rehabilitation center for 3 1/2 years. Although I can’t control the food they give me, I have no excuse for not exercising. I go to sleep by 18:00 every night, so I am awake, ready to workout at 0400 or 0500, before I have time to find excuses to not workout. By 0700 each day I have worked out & showered!🙂
      I am starting fasting today. I am taking nothing but water until breakfast (0830) tomorrow.

      Wish me luck! 😉

    • hayharut

      i remember coming to this video pre covid, this video had started my fasting kick, and for the 6 months while i was fasting, i was the happiest and healthiest i had ever been in my life, but then covid hit and i lost all motivation to stay healthy, but recently i have come back to these videos, i have once again started fasting in hopes to achieve the amazing feeling i felt all the way back then

      • Alma Salazar

        Covid is what got me started on fasting!

    • Lioness Williams

      This was one of the absolute best videos I’ve ever watched on intermittent fasting. Thank you! Very insightful. I have a visceral fat issue and desperately want to lose my belly fat. Intermittent fasting will help aid in doing so. This video explained it all! I am starting my keto and intermittent fasting today!

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