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I went to the Dollar Tree in search of some clean keto foods, and what I found was nothing short of amazing! As in turns out, the Dollar Tree has some great clean keto products. Let's see what I found, and I'll see you in the comments!

    55 replies to "Extreme Budget Clean Keto DOLLAR TREE Grocery Haul"

    • lovelyyisabel 23

      Who else isn’t on a keto diet but just wanted to see what he found at the dollar tree ??

      • Caroline Lewis

        Me, I do usually do carnivore, but sometimes into keto, but super clean keto is what my body wants.

      • Samie Paradise

        I’m not on a Leto diet but trying to be more healthy and using Leto stuff to help cut down on carbs and sugars and be more healthy. So this helped me a lot because it’s often so expensive to eat healthy.

      • Sabrina and husband

        I’m on keto, yet Dollar Tree or pound shops in the UK are so different 😅 the freezer is not that big and they don’t have all those items, unlike Walmart and Asda, which are almost exactly the same in US and UK, as I remember from my visits to the States in childhood.

      • T.M. Button

        Me as well not on Keto nor do I want too

      • T.M. Button

        I love the pink salt

    • Thaliah Sangria

      This dollar tree looks well stocked and clean. My local store is a mess and doesn’t have that much stuff

      • jenene green

        @Fatts I live in the honest to God hood and have for over 40 years. I WISH we had a Dollartree close. Or ANY grocery store, actually.

      • Rheinhart Silvento

        @Thaliah Sangria 😁🤣👍

      • Tehrinny

        @Blessed Gem I was a store manager for a long time. I ran a small store. But I’d often have to help out at other locations. There was one store where there were maybe three reliable workers. It was getting two trucks a week. The managers kept quitting. They’d spend 6 weeks training, and then two weeks later, they’d quit. The backroom was piled sky high and blocking walkways to the backroom exits. It was a massive OSHA or Fire Marshall violation waiting to happen. The store would’ve had to close for a few days to get it under control. But that wouldn’t contribute to the CEO’s millions. My poor DM was exhausted and all of the other managers and workers that came to help were exuasted. My time managing that store was more like a glorified cashier because it was too busy to stock. I get war flashbacks just thinking about it. Though some of the workers were amazing and sweet people. IDK how they dealt. lol.

        My store didn’t have a frozen section. So my options for things to eat on Keto in the store were minimal. There were nuts and freeze dried strawberries. Some that may or may not have had added sugar. I just had to make and pack my own things or do Chipotle runs when my assistant manager came in.

      • Love Is Gonna Save Us *

        Ya Canadian Dollar Trees don’t have frozen or refrigerated goods…. none of our dollar stores do (other than pop/juice).

      • Posegativity

        I thought it waa because I’m in canada

    • Kody Eldridge

      This guy is so realistic and unpretentious about everyday eating/dieting. It’s refreshing.

      • ChicagoTonyV

        Totally agree Kody. Just a plain-speaking guy. I like NOT feeling like someone is preaching to me.

      • Jessie

        @Brooklyn Manhattan Poor people regularly shop at dollar tree. He’s really trying to help poor people buy healthy food

      • Michael Stuckey

        @ícҽís թհօҽղíx I mean, it was $1. Just buy like 2-3

      • Mac Jack

        I read this as sarcastic!

      • Anna Michelle


    • Thomas DeLauer

      Please join my email list and you’ll get a free beginner keto meal plan:

      • Eric Larsen

        Have you done a video at Grocery Outlet either in Moorpark or Camarillo?

      • Kim Everhart

        Thank you for this video! It was very informative and eye-opening! I will look at my local Dollar Tree/Dollar General to see what I can find!

      • Val Toton

        @falcodrin….I was just thinking that in the scheme of things thyroid issues would be the least of our problems in the case of nuclear warfare….or is that my 1980s Children of the Dust trauma resurfacing? 🤔

      • Linda Mon

        The asparagus isnt pickled, its just canned. Fyi. Ive been making “ranch” with olives&canned mushrooms. Thankyou for doing dt. I appreciate you Sir!

    • SRV SRV

      I’ve never seen anyone get so excited when seeing frozen asparagus lol🤭 but thank you for posting, I feel taught 😌

      • Beth Catt

        I love asparagus

      • Lady Krome

        Asparagus is hella expensive …I felt it in my soul when he found that n was cheezin too

      • Rheinhart Silvento

        Yeah, me too!

      • Jazzmen Fox

        I love it and usually it’s expensive if not canned. So I was excited the first time I saw it there.

    • Carlettems Stanley

      This is how I afford clean eatting while buying regular food for the family!

    • Maria Jorge

      I wish I knew about this when I first started keto! You’re a life savior, THANK YOU! This is gold!

      • BigNTallVlogs

        All that food is jack shxt!

    • Moonshynegirl

      You didn’t look at them, but I love the freeze dried strawberries. Ingredients: strawberries.

      • Michelle Patterson

        My friend gets those. They come from China..

      • Nancy Bernal

        Careful with strawberries…pesticides

      • Katherine Tyrrell

        Same. My treat

      • Ignaz S.

        @Autumn G those freeze dried berries are too high in sugar even in moderation. I know they spike my blood sugar immediately. Fresh berries don’t do that.

    • isaperdp

      I would love to see him meal prep with this haul. That would be so cool to watch.

      • Honest Reviewer


    • Hoodie Sosa

      You’re making this diet thing fun with the energy in this video

    • Barreras No Más

      Seriously, just solved my lunch meal prep without going outside my family’s regular meal budget. Between these finds and leftovers it is more sustainable. Much appreciated, gonna go hit up dollar tree.

      • ChicagoTonyV

        Me too! I have been spending more money on keto than I need to. This vid really opened my eyes.

    • Sherrie Abraham

      He gives an intelligent approach to spotting the healthier items at a very low cost and explains what to look for on the ingredients. Better for your family than Mickey Ds

    • Michael Croos

      Another thing, Thomas, this is great for retired seniors on Social Security/fixed incomes trying to live on keto! I already shop there, got many of the items you found and glad you pointed out others for me. Yep, we all HAVE TO start reading labels religiously. THANK YOU!

      • Jody Bogdanovich

        Yes, Michael! I’m 66, on Social Security, and week 2 of keto. And I shop Dollar Tree a lot already.

      • Mens B

        you two should meet up and start a matchmaking service

    • PetuniaRomania

      Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores have created these “marketplace” stores in different parts of the country, especially in some places called food deserts; it’s a real blessing. I find that they have whole, natural foods, even fresh vegetables and fruits – it’s incredible! Thanks to their new marketing strategy and products, and in my humble opinion, people of all incomes can now eat and provide their loved ones with much healthier meals, and that’s vital to their health. 🙂

    • Myra

      thanks for putting these grocery hauls for people on a budget !!! appreciate it!

    • M A Salinas

      If you have a 99 Cent Only store in your area, they have fresh produce and I’ve seen many keto friendly items there. I would love to see you film a shopping trip at this store. You made me feel less guilty about buying frozen veggies. They are so much quicker to prepare since they are already chopped up.

      • Sonya Martinez

        M A Salinas I shop 99cents store for frozen veg. and berry fruit.

    • K Norris

      I love these kinds of educational videos. This makes this doable for anyone. People always say eating healthy is expensive and it does not have to be. I would shop there if I really needed to. Thanks!

    • Santa Hawes

      As someone that lives on a tight budget, your videos are not only informative, but inspiring. This video presents an option I would never have even thought of. Thank you! BTW, while I may not doa “truely” clean keto, I am down 80 pounds, moods are up, energy is up, and the brain fog is gone. Turns out, finding you and keto has turned my health around!

      • Val Toton

        Congratulations! Keep up the great work, that’s very impressive! Don’t ever get down on your for not doing it perfectly, you’re doing it and think of how far you’ve come as well as where you would be if you hadn’t even started! 🤗

      • Gliver

        buff santa this year lol

    • Charlene Layhew

      Thomas you help me so much on my keto journey. I watch you first thing every morning and you keep me on track. Thank you for these videos. I can’t over state how helpful they are.

    • Elena707

      It’s amazing how excited he gets over this stuff…this man lives and breathes health 😊

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