Last weekend I 'messed up' my diet and ate way more highly processed foods than normal. It happens from time to time. I'm human and love food just like everybody else.

The great news is that I handle these situations exceptionally well and always walk away for the best as I learn and grow from the experience.

In today's video let's talk about the valuable lessons I learned from this past weekend that will serve me well in the future, so I can continue to thrive while living my life to the fullest.

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    7 replies to "Messed Up My Diet On The Weekend (Lessons Learned)"

    • Jose Baca

      Every second of every day is a chance to turn it around.

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        amen brother!

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      Do you struggle more with your diet on the weekend? For more tips download your FREE guide Lose Fat Get Jacked šŸ‘‰

    • Scott Schumacher

      What is your take on the BMI charts?
      I got into an argument with my doctor about it. I use body composition measurements and he said that was nonsense. I am 6ā€™, 205# at 65 years old. He told me I was fat and that my BMI was borderline obese. He suggested a 1000kc or less. I told him that Iā€™m in the gym, building muscle 4-5x per week and that 1000kc diet was not enough. He told me it was all in my head. Your thoughts, please.

    • Daren Bulley

      I read a study once that suggested that the first few bites of the treat are the ones we truly crave and the rest of the treat we sometimes eat out of our need to finish, so I used to eat a lot of Klondike Bars and now it’s been seven months, I bought some and cut one in half and ate half. Then my kids ate the rest so I got my craving and didn’t go overboard. 200.8 lbs this morning, that is 50lbs less than this time last year and 85lbs less than my fattest.

      • Daren Bulley

        I just want to add that in one of your videos you mention your own height and weight, I don’t remember what numbers you said but you said, “I’m not a six foot tall 200 lb monster.” All I could think of when I heard that is “I am a six foot tall 200 lbs.; I must be a monster” sounded funny at first, but I started to use that as my mantra in the gym. When I am feeling near failure and about to put weights down. Sometimes I can squeeze one more pull up, but when I am doing drop sets of hammer curls I can push out a few more thinking of the six foot tall 200 lb monster that I am! SO thank you for that!


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