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As a man over 40, testosterone is the most crucial hormone that we can have and produce. It helps us with muscle building, losing fat, and is what makes us men. As you get older, your testosterone levels start to slowly decrease over time. There are many different things you can do to help fight against the age-related loss of testosterone, and today we are going to focus on something in particular. The evening activities that boost testosterone for us men over 40.

The night time is a crucial time of the day for our production of testosterone! When we sleep is the time when our hormone production occurs the most, more specifically our production of testosterone. There are so many great benefits to having good testosterone production and levels of testosterone, and it is time to start prioritizing it!

Here are the amazing evening activities that boost testosterone for you men over 40!

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    • Roberto Lombardi

      Great useful advice, thank you.

    • toni camaro

      aahhhh c’mon now tooth paste please..

    • Paul Holland

      Gary really toothpaste I heard another show do the same thing, come on that’s a sales pitch

    • Paul Holland

      I usually read a book while having sex saves time (two birds with one stone)

    • Jeremy Horne

      My Doctor prescribed testosterone supplement which I apply to the skin once a day. Have sex you say? Try convincing my wife 😂

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