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Irresponsible and uninformed choice of supplement can lead to various issues and possibly to hospitalization. According to estimations published in New England Journal of Medicine, 23000 emergency department visits per year are related to the use of supplements.

Supplements Containing Soy Isoflavones

A soy-based supplement is used as an alternative to menopausal hormone therapy (MHT). In early 2000’ MHT was associated with increased risk of CVD and breast cancer and since then the sales of soy-based supplements are rising. Thanks to their structural similarity to oestrogen, isoflavones can bind to oestrogen receptors. This can result in both anti and pro-tumour stimulation and the effect of isoflavones was therefore carefully studied.

In a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 76 172 women were followed for 11 years. This study reported that risk of less prevalent but more dangerous ER- breast cancer is increased during consumption of soy supplements. Especially survivors and women with a family history of breast cancer should avoid soy-based supplements.

Furthermore, in a meta-analysis published Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews phytoestrogens were not found to be an effective treatment of menopausal symptoms.


Journal Drug and Alcohol reported that long-term consumption of Kava is associated with an increased score of liver tests. This Gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase test can imply possible problems with bile production. The overall liver toxicity evidence remains to be fully established but case studies are numerous. As liver progressively loses its ability to regenerate with increased age, people over 50 should avoid this herbal supplement or limit it to only occasional use.

One of the safest and for our body very natural supplement is magnesium. Magnesium was found to increase levels of GABA and help us relax and sleep better.


A study published in American Society of Nephrology was assessing the risk of kidney stone formation in 6050 patients, Similarly, as in the association of CVD and calcium, the diet rich in calcium was reported to protect against the formation of kidney stones. However, this study showed that people taking calcium exhibit a higher rate of kidney stone formation.

Calcium supplements may increase the risk of kidney stone recurrence

Antioxidants – Beta Carotene, Vitamin A & E

The meta-analysis included results of 68 randomized trials. It was published by The Journal of the American Medical Association and involves results of 232 606 participants who were administered either beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin E and selenium. The results of this paper are rather surprising. Beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E were all reported to increase mortality.


In a study published in Cancer Research, 674 breast cancers were analysed. Out of 61 genes of iron metabolism genes, 49% were associated with genes of breast cancer progression. Iron is stimulating proliferation, growth, essential features of growing tumour. On top of that, its pro-oxidant activity can induce DNA damage and mutations – another hallmark of cancer.

Selenium (+Vitamin E)

Prostate cancer has a prevalence of 11% in men and only very rarely occurs in men under 40 years. In a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute researchers assessed the effect of selenium in 1739 men:

    55 replies to "Don’t Take These Supplements if You’re Over 50!"

    • Henry R

      Thanks Thomas. I just turn 50, so this information is helpful. By the way, I started taking magnesium after my workout, at least for me, I did notice an improvement in muscle recovery after a heavy workout.

      • Shawn Mann

        Henry, If you can tolerate it before bedtime, magnesium should help you sleep quite well. Experiment Abit and see if it works or not.

      • CrankieManx

        Magnesium is great before bed,only thing is it can make you get up frequently during the night to urinate.

    • jay wellington

      Hope this helps!? Are you kidding? This was amazing information. Much of it recent publications from 2019. Thank you Thomas for taking your time to share with so many of us your research results so that we can live our best life possible. You are a constant powerhouse of helpful information and thanks to you have inspired positive affects on thousands of lives.

    • MoneyMaken

      I would love to see a complete supplement haul of everything YOU take and why you take it and what you MOST recommend we take. Thanks!

      • Myra Medicinewind Kay

        @Linda Maskus This is my life experience. You can’t wipe it out with those 2 letters BS. Why not try discussion with mature words & offer alternative solutions? Or are you a psy-op agent paid to invalidate personal Truths ?

      • joe montero

        @nisah Ahmad tumeric should be taken with a pinch of black Pepper so it could be properly absorbed in the body. The peperin in the black pepper is what helps the turmeric do its job. Hope this helps.

      • Beverley Cumming

        I just don’t think supplements are the best way to attain health…D3, K2 and B12…eat the food people…the food!

      • Beverley Cumming

        He wants to keep you coming back again and again for a lot of info most of us dont get…and each time its. Take this, not that…oh and if you’re over 50…blah blah

    • nbi

      Spot on. Your selenium comments apply to vitamin E as well – it too has been implicated in prostate cancer. I was shocked to hear from my doctor that *nobody* should take vitamin E. He asserts that anyone practicing a balanced diet will get all the vitamin E they need – any additional poses a prostrate cancer risk. After hearing this I researched it and he seems to be right.

      • Larry Be

        Flax seed oil is in that group also. Flax seeds are fine but the oil offers too much and is bad for an older prostate.

    • rick estamos

      best way to stay healthy is stay away from dr’s,hospitals and pharmacies….

      • Real Tan

        And scientists

      • Let’s Go Brandon!

        @Jasbinder Singh Nah don’t be silly. This is just people venting over shitty doctors (and they really are). However, when they or their kids get hurt they go get help. When something really hurts like a broken bone, you know you need help and you go get surgery. The pill pumpers are stuck in the stone ages.

      • Luke Welch

        And broscience YouTube videos.

      • Elena Rios


    • Jean Mader

      I am SO glad you mentioned Calcium. I have always fought these but, I didn’t know why. It was like another of my gut feelings. I kept thinking it is like a substance that calcified into gloompy messes in our bodies, and I would start to take it, but always quit, thank God for giving me a good hunch factor, lol.

      • Living 2Day

        I don’t take calcium because it makes me nauseous.

      • Laura Theis

        @Living 2Day maybe you take carbonate that one is no good to take

      • sigma male

        You just arent drinking enough water lmao

      • Laura Theis

        @Appregator well was it calcium carbonate? Worst kind to causes stones. Water is great.I’m a Stone producer of oxilate ones.I take calcium citrate more absorbed. Citrate is good for stones. Calcium with D and magnesium is good. Gotta read labels on what type calcium and magnesium in it. Citrate mag is good.

    • JTib

      I take a LOT of supplements, but the only one on this list that I take is calcium which I take as a small amount of powder mixed in water, plus I supplements D3+K2 so that it can be properly utilized.
      I’ve found that if I don’t get a little bit of calcium I get pinpoint red spots, typically around my eyes. So apparently I need a little extra.

    • Shirley McDuff

      I greatly appreciate your advice. You seem to be very well researched and clear in what we should do or not do and why. I just wonder though, what a vegetarian or vegan should do for certain things such as calcium sources, esp. those who avoid all animal sourced food.

      • Sergej Panov

        @me man brocolli

      • ann miller

        @me man ruminates have multiple stomachs to process the grasses, humans dont,we have very poor absorption

      • Rob

        @ann miller Maybe so, but I’ve been vegan for 30 years and my calcium levels are fine. Not really an issue.

      • ann miller

        @Rob everyone is different, its not one size fits all,i dont do well on veg,but i thrive on meat

      • True No Kill

        Meat eaters need 1500 MG of calcium but vegans only need half that daily , with the mag.

    • Diane LovesALotofLife

      When a chest pain/cardiac patient comes into my ER, we have found the the Magnesium levels are low, in addition to running CK-MB levels and Triglycerides levels. Magnesium is a wonder Vitamin/Mineral Supplement because it STRENGTHENS the Heart Muscle in it’s ability to pump the necessary blood for vital organs, etc. Take ONLY the recommended dose. Over doing anything can turn deadly.

      • Mijagi1976

        @Norseman Magnesium Fartolate

      • tke 241

        I’m a cardiac patient and my Magnesium levels are great now. I don’t take any supplements (except high quality Omega 3 fish oil) but I eat a big salad of fresh baby greens, fresh broccoli and a whole avocado every day. I try to get my nutrition from food whenever possible and broccoli and avocados are super foods, which thankfully I actually like both very much. Most supplements aren’t FDA approved to treat anything and who the hell knows what is in those pills??

      • Networth assoc

        @Mijagi1976 🤣

    • DOG HAIR DONT CARE Lindaniel

      Great info as usual….seniors need this…. straight to the point. Love it

    • Thomas DeLauer

      Free Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (downloadable):
      Free Keto Diet Meal Plan (downloadable):

      • Justin Martyr

        @Willem*<= Mo Ron!!!!*

      • Jo Crawford

        @Anna Maria pp on on TV

      • HealthisHeaven1

        After getting bitten by a tick, it’s changed my ability to successfully digest meats without consequence (been hospitalized a couple times from trying to eat meat after that tick bite) — so I eat plant based because of it. Is there a non-synthetic real food based calcium supplement that you’d recommend for someone that cannot eat chicken, fish, or red meat?

    • Carol Miller

      Love this content and scientific based analysis. AMA doctors get little education on nutrition & alternative supplements. Lately there’s proof (and my past lab results prove) they lowered MDRs and went on med prescribing spree. I stopped taking calcium a few years ago and recently started keto, adding eggs & cheese. I have osteopenia (offered a “shot” – No thanks) so this year I’ll see what happens…

      • Miss Kim

        You are right! Less than 5% of med school covers prevention and nutrition combined.

      • Lydia20615

        What scientific analysis?!?!?! If I followed his advice, I’d be in a wheelchair from toxins, pain, and anxiety.

    • Marie Scott

      I love how you cover nutrition for folks over 50.

      • Shapur Sasan

        He just fed you a lot of bs.

      • Renee Scott

        He’s not a doctor lololol

      • Marie Scott

        @Renee Scott, no, but most doctors take one semester in nutrition, so he has them beat!

    • Orlando Navarro

      Thanks Doc it is really very helpful to avoid future health issues.

    • OldBillOverHill

      Thanks for confirming my method of eating and supplementing. I do find K2/D3 supplementation important though. I also include a moderate amount of cod liver oil for the EFA’a and don’t find the D and A to be excessive. I thinks it’s the type E that is the problem. Still, I get most of my nutrition from food. I use a low sodium Mag and trace mineral solution in my lemon water.

    • J Anderson

      1. Kava
      2. Calcium
      3. Antioxidants (Vit A, E, etc)
      4. Iron
      5. Selenium (men)
      6. Soy Isoflavones (women)

      • AngelWings

        @Kathleen Norton 👍

      • AngelWings

        @Grey State Yes and K2 is good as well.

      • Sincerely B

        @Rev Rotunda Take a boron supplement. It’ll help you properly absorb your magnesium… along with many other health benefits.

      • Vuyelwa Florence

        @Trina Adams Thank you doc. I sweat a lot at night sometimes

    • D Lewis

      I love everything you say. Only thing, what about adding Vitamin K2 if you consume extra calcium? This is all very interesting to me as someone who studied Bio-Chem and is 80 yrs young.

    • Lisa Pierce

      Thank you for adding this video and the keto diet meal plan. Everywhere you look on the internet they charge a huge price for the diet. I don’t get that. I’m so thankful I stumbled upon your channel. I’m learning a great deal from you. God bless!

    • KPMM Longevity Foundation

      Hey Thomas I really love your videos and well researched content. Question, is Oat Fiber OK to consume on KETO? I’m thinking it might be a good complement or alternative to almound or coconut flour. Also while on the subject of Oat, are steal cut oat OK to eat on KETO and/or as a healthy food? Thanks so much!

    • Susan Schmitz

      Thank you for making this tutorial! I am over 50, female and mom to an active 10 year old!! Really appreciate your focus on my age group from time to time😊

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