Here's the vitamin D3 + K2 supplement I use

3 of my coaching clients have recently had their blood work done and all 3 of them had low vitamin D levels, which unfortunately is all too common. The good news at least is that they are deficient in vitamin D. Still, low levels of vitamin D in your system can have a negative impact on your immune health, cardiovascular health, metabolic health, bone and joint health, cognitive function, and testosterone levels. Which is why it's so important to get your blood work done on a regular basis and supplement with vitamin D3 if your levels are low.

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    2 replies to "Are You Low In Vitamin D"

    • xUNBROKENx

      Very important, Coach! Once I stared supplementing vitamin D, K3 and Magnesium, my wellbeing improved by 200% 💪👀

    • Digital Gold

      Do you think I should double up on my dose of vitamin d/k2 during the winter since I’m not outside as much compared to when I was out walking more outside. I still walk but it’s inside on the elliptical

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