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Half day keto :

    6 replies to "Amazing Old Bodybuilders Over 50 l Age Is Just Numbers l Strongest Old Man!"

    • Solo Motivation

      *Success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it.*

      *So never give up on the pursuit of achieving your dreams.*

      It Will Worth It One Day
      You Are Blessed !!!

    • neco slayer of dragons777

      I started competing in masters in 2006. I can honestly say the level of physiques has improved 50-60 percent. And I seen it happen in 1-2 years,so steroids had alot to do with it. I on the other hand have been struggling to improve my physique naturally at 61 ,but keep trying .

    • steve m

      all the ticktok kids are doing sarms and steroid blasts so of course the old guys can do trt with blast and cruise cycle’s

    • Joseph Fernandez

      I would like to see natural 50 plus year olds

    • jimenex13

      Yea, and tren n test are just fluids.

    • mariusz lasecki

      koksiarze ito starzy

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