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Folic Acid is found to have a significant role in the production of Nitric Oxide, the “ignition” of your erection! So in theory, can increasing your intake of Folate decrease your Erectile Dysfunction..? Be sure to watch until the end to learn all we currently know about Folic Acid and its effect on E.D.!

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0:00 Intro Card
0:37 What’s the importance of Folic Acid for Men?
1:13 The data for Folic Acid
4:34 Conclusion for Folic Acid for ED
5:04 Increase Folate by eating these foods
5:27 End Card
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    70 replies to "A vitamin a day to get your erections to stay?? | Folic acid for Erectile Dysfunction"

    • redtesta

      A very important note needs to be made. MANY people have the MTHFR mutation and don’t even know it. Its basically Methylation or detoxing. There are different variants of it from 1 being worst to 5 being least threatening. Bottom line, anyone with this mutation CAN NOT detox properly and CAN NOT use standard B12 cobalamin and folate ( folic acid is man made) These people will need the actual best form of these two which is the L-Methyl form. L-Methyl Cobalamin and L-Methyl Folate (you’ll see the higher end vitamins have this). I go to a functional medicine MD doctor (most mainstream MD’s wont do this testing or recognize it) through all the testing and found this out. What a difference it makes. Another critical element from this is for women more than men. FOLATE is soooo important for women in child bearing years and if you have this common mutation and taking prenatal or vitamins with the standard b12 and either folate / folic acid, they are not even absorbing it. Two women whom i know had trouble getting pregnant and miscarried both had this mutation. Once on the right methyl vitamins they conceived. Call it what you will, but that was the only change. Sorry i posted long on this, but many people have this mutation and don’t even know it. Get your genes tested ( the right tests) get your neuro science and Igg igm etc etc and get a snap shot of yourself and what to work on. Great videos as always Rena….

      • Forrest Miller

        I know of this but I don’t fully understand it. Can you expand further on the test you suggest?

      • Arnold Olson


      • Barry Fence

        @Forrest Miller Hi Forrest, I took a look through my 23 and Me results but I couldn’t determine if I am one of the “affected”. Perhaps, it is I did it at a very early stage of their development. The newest samples are tested with newer technology.

      • Abdulmalik Suleman

        Thank u for this

      • Tony Mazz

        So what exactly does one purchase?

    • Aussie Taipan

      Fantastic information Rena and a great channel. Personally, I’m almost 60 years old and never had issues with erection function. These days its super strong as I do eat banana, orange, strawberry, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and I also exercise by rigorous walking and strength actions every day.

      • Jose Arce

        @Ian Hunter of course! Thats why the addiction starts! And we sleep on it craving it,and you think it doesnt cause or one the factor that causes cancer?

      • Ian Hunter

        @Jose Arce sugar doesn’t give you cancer,animal protein does.

      • Jose Arce

        @Ian Hunter you work for the sugar industry?? Of course it does causes CANCER…inform yourself and leave the ice creams,softdrinks,donuts and White bread.

      • Aussie Taipan

        @Jose Arce I get a checkup each year. My liver, Kidneys blood sugar and cholesterol are all near perfect levels. Diabetes is not an issue for me. I am still strong and fit. My lobito is very good. My father passed away in Jan 22, I was depressed for 2 months and did not exercise during this time but still had the same diet. I put on 7Kg but over the last 2 weeks have lost 5 Kg with 2 x 1 hour brisk walks each day. Going for another walk now.

      • Joao Pa

        @Aussie Taipan *libido (not lobito 😂)

    • crocbait aussie

      Hey there Doctor Malik. My ED started when I began taking antidepressants. Then there was nervousness …I’m not a machine ok. Then it started to get worse a few years before Cardiomiopathy was diagnosed. Then while speaking to a Pharmacist he informed me some of my Medication can cause ED. Soooo overall I thank you but I will just stick to knitting these days.

      • Tommyboy McDonald

        Ha ha ha. – knitting 🤣🤣

      • crocbait aussie

        @Tommyboy McDonald yup it keeps my hands busy lol

      • thug21

        Yeah I take losinopril and well turns out a side effect of it is ED.

      • Glen Davies


    • W. J. Spies

      Gonna have to give folic acid a try. I’m 74 with pre diabetes, but I get pretty hard erections daily, at least one relative bruiser on avg each night. This all seemed to begin after cervical spine surgery to correct cervical stenosis.
      A week and a half later came the reg boners, while still in ICU, later followed by a month in a special rehab, to regain the simplest motor skills.
      I awake now during daytime naps or a couple times during the night with a well developed boner. Before this I had been prescribed Cialis for ED. So I’m curious if it’s the surgery and to see what folic acid can do for me.

      • james hadfield

        good for you brother! keep it UP (sorry, couldn’t resist!) quite enjoyed that line about having a bruiser! ☮️

      • J

        Lucky u and I’m 17 🙁

      • Lilo

        @Jose Arce i think taking b2 And folic acid together is better than methylfolate

      • Jose Arce

        @Lilo why to send this to me? I only said that folic acid isnt folate.

      • Lilo

        @Jose Arce you implied methylfolate is better. Folate is sold as methylfolate in stores

    • Keith Irick

      I really enjoy listening to you. Im really trying to figure out what a safe way vitamin wise to fix my problem. I was on dialysis for 13yrs until I had a transplant and I went through alot and I take rejection medicine for the kidney and I take other medicine. I take sildenafil and it helps but not every time and it’s very frustrating depressing and embarrassing. It really bothers me and drains my confidence. I’m 42 yrs old. I don’t know what to do or what is safe for me to do. It’s embarrassing writing this but it is what it is.

    • IllumiGraphic

      Nice to see a female urologist address mens issues as well…. Many of them I see on here tend to be myopically focused on just helping womens issues…Kudos to you!

    • Kenneth Guerrero

      Hi Doctor, my primary Doc tested my folic acid levels and it’s 14.0 ng.I’m in chemo treatment for cancer,but still sufffer from ED. sometimes I have to take 40mg to 60 mg of cialis.thank you for sharing this.

    • Michael Low

      Thanks for the informative video. I’m curious to know what the clinical procedure was following consumption of folic acid by the group of men being studied. How were their erections brought on and who measured the “strength” of each subject’s erection? What criteria was used to determine this?

      • Steve Guilford

        Next to mental stimulation, I think fitness is the most important determiner of sexual prowess and ultimate satisfaction! 🙂

    • YC Chan

      Doc Malik, thank you so much, I always appreciate your science and research backed information sharing. Could you kindly also explain the difference between folic acid, folate (5MTFH, L-5MTFH etc) for ED or prolonging erection, which one should we buy and dosage information (I tried daily dose of 5mg of folic acid but having side effect of lower back pain).

      • Brian

        Folic acid is synthetic and difficult for most livers to convert to 5-MTHF, which is the natural form of folate. So, skip folic acid and only take 5-MTHF, instead.

      • YC Chan

        @Brian many thanks, Brian. Shall I take daily dosage of 5mg of 5MTFH? What’s the diff between 5MTFH and L-5MTFH?

      • Brian

        @YC Chan No problem. They’re the same. Some just word 5-MTHF differently.

      • Martono Martono

        @Brian where can can I buy 5 MTHF? and how much the doze for me who ED already and 52 yo

      • Oba Emmanuel

        @Brian what is MTFH

    • Bruce

      I had Covid recently and it made me deficient in Folate (quite common). Before Covid I would always wake with an erection but covid stopped that. The doctor did a blood test as a check for something else saw I was deficient in folate (only thing he found wrong) and within 18 hours of taking the first tablet I was back to normal again!

      • Jose Arce

        @Royal Bruh 87 its different take folate,as dr. Gundry recomend..

      • Zachary Elben

        Bruce im dealing with the same thing I was curious if vovid threw me outta wack

      • Rick Appling

        @Jose Arce Perhaps it’s a placebo effect. Or psychological, and it just gave him confidence. Or most likely, I haven’t a clue what I am talking about.

      • Joe Orler

        That means you likely have MTHFR & Covid Attacks that particular gene mutation. Methyl Folate is a game changer & likely could fix most long haul cases. It is said 1/3rd of all humans have the MTHFR Mutation. NO ONE should take “Folic Acid” you want to take Methyl Folate.

      • Joe Orler

        @Royal Bruh 87 It is horrible, you want to take Methyl Folate.

    • Alpha Centauri

      It’s all about genetics and lifestyle. I’m in my 50’s and my erections are not that different from those in my early 20’s. But I’m also at optimal body weight and have the same waist size as I did in my early 30’s, and I my physical fitness regimen is way more intense than it was in my 20’s. Genetics loads the gun and environment pull the trigger. Stay fit!

      • Bill Hamilton

        The only thing you know what you are talking about is yourself ,,and what’s weirder is your telling strangers

      • Alpha Centauri

        @Bill Hamilton Just relax. Don’t be envious of my “totally hot and bitchin” vibe. Just embrace it. You taking offense with my post and sharing your grievance with strangers projects a neurotic and feminine vibe. Be confident instead.

      • Bill Hamilton

        @Alpha CentauriYes I know its important for you to have someone you’ll never know think you are a stud
        Narcissism,,,not a good quality ,,you may want to look it up

      • Hugo Bracamontes Baltazar


    • Eric Adamson

      It’s important to bear in mind that folate deficiency may imply B12 deficiency, and that B12 status should be assessed. Gastritis from various causes may prevent B12 from being absorbed, which in turn blocks folate absorption.

      • Rou Dogra

        Does it mean taking more B12 ( without folic acid ) once can cause a reduction of folic acid and hence low libido ?

      • usman idrees

        @Rou Dogra yes Eric is right gastritis from various causes may prevent b12 from bieng absorb anymore ,in this case you will not be able to take it by food you have to take it by injections every 3 months 1st then every 8 month for life ,my father has same issue.

    • Clifford Phillips

      Hi doc, this video is the best reason I know of to actually get me to take my folic acid pills. I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, for which I take Methotrexate and Folic acid to combat side effects. But I don’t like taking pills, so this is a really good reason, that I can relate to for taking my Folic Acid. Thanks

      • Kevin Minton

        Psoriasis is linked to food allergies like gluten sensitivity or dairy

      • DrLeo

        I had psoriasis after having prolonged unnecessary stress. I Finally learned that cortisol can be like insulin, insulin resistance or cortisol resistance so high stress over a period of time creates cortisol resistance and cortisol is an anti-inflammatory so therefore the cortisol doesn’t work correctly and inflammation of the skin becomes an issue. I Cut out all the unnecessary stress and after about a year and a half to two years they information is about 99% gone. Also I found that some foods are inflammatory and some are anti-inflammatory and during that recovery time foods such as fried food and sugar would aggravate the problem. Also I found that eating fried food at home with non-vegetable oil was less of a problem compared to eating fried food in restaurants and who knows how many times it had cooked food.
        So you may take that into consideration with your skin issues as well. But avoiding high fructose corn syrup especially I saw a difference. This is found in almost all soft drinks and many candies because it’s cheap.
        I hope that helps but it pays to pay attention to what you eat for sure. Also cortisol levels can be controlled by proper sleep patterns.

      • GRAYBEAR

        I found that soaking in dead sea salt gave me relief from excessive itchy dry skin or psoriasis. It also helps detoxify the body which helps the underlying cause.

    • Binky Steaver

      Divorce cured my ED completely.

      • Army One


      • Army One

        @Billy Stanhope , i did the same thing Billy 😉

      • Trading blue for green

        Lolol that’s a fact

      • Kachallah Mamman

        Your problem was diminishing returns not Ed otherwise divorce cannot give you a lasting solutions to Ed.

      • Ramón El Sherif

        damn XD good for you

    • JD

      As noted in numerous studies, Nutrition deficiencies have a huge impact on your health. From Neurological to hormones, circulation, central nervous, digestive tract, lymph system, immune system, reproductive system (including ED), etc. Get all of your nutrition levels checked. Start with micronutrients like magnesium, zinc, b12 because they’re the foundation to your nutrition system. If any of them are deficient then there will be problems. 1 study reported that at least 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient. Vitamin D3 deficiency is also extremely prevalent. Deficient levels of vitamin d3 can inadvertently lead to low T. Also Vitamin D3 is required for the body to obsorb calcium. The body was designed to heal itself. When you have a nutritional deficiency or other deficiency your body will tell you through symptoms (rashes, acne, joint pain, thinning hair, heart burn, abdominal pain, ed, weight loss, weight gain, cognitive impairment, dizziness, and many more. Often times doctors misdiagnose malnutrition with eczema, migraines/headaches, lactose intolerance, etc. With a balanced nutritional system you’ll have a balanced hormone system (unless you have an underlying condition that was caused by environmental exposure to synthetic chemicals and/or genetic mutations). But, in order to have a truly balanced nutrition you need to switch to an all organic raw fruits, vegetables, dairy, and organic grass fed meat diet, reduce or eliminate (if possible) exposure to the synthetic chemicals (commonly known as xenoestrogens), exercise, etc. Do your own research and make your own decisions on wrether or not to believe me. I AM NOT A DOCTOR! I’m just a disabled man that was most likely misdiagnosed over a decade ago and as a result the pharmaceuticals have led to possible permanent cognitive damages. As well as constant nutritional deficiencies. Doctors are taught to believe that nutrition has minimal impact on diseases, cancer, autoimmune, etc even though numerous studies have proven otherwise. So you may have to go to a nutritionist to get your levels checked. All of the doctors of confronted about testing immediately look for an answer in my medical history instead of immediately ordering the simple tests like they used to 10+ years ago. Times have changed.

    • Usman Ibrahim

      If the world had more people like you it would be a better place. You do make a difference Dr osaye,thank you for introducing your medical products to the worlds

    • hehe

      After watching your video, I tried folic acid 3mg and 10 mg cialis, daily, for three months. No side effects encountered but I went from severe ed and being unable to achieve penetration, to mild ed accompanied by nightly partial erections and the ability to achieve penetration with stimulation. I will continue to take the folic acid as prior to that, oral drugs had no effect and my Urologist wanted me to start on Caverject. No sure if I’m ready for that. Diabetes w/Hypertension.

      • Jose americo De almeida

        @Emmanuel Fordjour Im adicted to Jesus only! God bless you.

      • hehe

        @Jose americo De almeida do not reply to my post anymore.

      • hehe

        @Emmanuel Fordjour HI, I still take Cialis. It stopped working a while ago but started again when I introduced folic acid to my regimen

      • Affcot Dever

        @Jose americo De almeida I forget Jesus and my ED is gone. 🤣🤣

      • Jose americo De almeida

        @Affcot Dever So sad😔


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      • Anti Masonic

        Yeah, this doctor offered good advice.

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