It is never too late to build more strength as a man over 40. There are different things you can do to get stronger, and the exercises you do are the biggest key to your success. Once you turn 40, there are things you need to do a little differently from when you were younger. You can build muscle from, and you can also get some great benefits from going to the gym and having access to all the equipment.

Some of the best exercises for building strength are compound exercises, which use multiple muscles in each exercise. You can also lift heavier weight typically, when doing compound exercises over exercises that focus on a single muscle group. You might increase weight in the compound exercises you do faster than you would doing bicep curls or tricep extensions. It is good to build strength in your smaller muscle groups as well, so make sure to focus on working all muscle groups when building strength.

Add these 5 exercises to your workout routine to build a stronger body after 40!

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    6 replies to "5 Best Exercises To Build A Strong Body Over 40 (DO THESE!)"

    • Walt Blackadar

      First. No one cares.

    • LivHard6458

      I’m 68 years old and a newbie to resistance training. How do I determine how many sets, reps and ideal dumbbell weight for each exercise?

      • Robert Baillie

        You need to start with high rep workouts. progress slowly, injury at our age wiil derail most people at our age. do it for life, make that your plan. Your nutrition is very important, more protein. Don’t do what people do in gym, most have no idea what their doing. also you need to learn what you need. we all have had many injuries threw out our life. go to doctor get his advice, blood check see wher your at. Make your program somthing you look forward to, good luck

    • Robert Baillie

      Good job on showing older people the right way to exercise. 66 now love being fit, allows me to do anything I want. Still trying to set pr’s for myself.

    • John Grytbakk

      I did not notice any big changes until after 50. Started again in the late 50s, and that was a SHOCK to the body. Wow, I did not know how much my body had changed since my 40s and younger.

    • William Banzhof

      EXCELLENT! Thanks for presenting!

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