As a man over 50, testosterone is crucial for our everyday life, in order for us to function and have a sex drive. As we get older, our testosterone levels slowly start to decline. This is not something we can stop, but we can slow it down. There are things you can do to help boost your testosterone production, optimizing your hormone production as a man over 50.

From focusing on your nutrition to working out, making changes to your lifestyle will drastically affect your body’s ability to produce testosterone. Make sure to apply these tips to your daily life, in order to maximize your testosterone production as a man over 50.

Here are the best tips on how to keep your testosterone levels high after 50!

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    10 replies to "How To Keep Your Testosterone Levels High After 50 (OPTIMIZE YOUR HORMONES!)"

    • Inspired One

      1) Lift weights. Strength training. Cut back on the cardio. 2) Eat good healthy fats. Don’t over do it. 3) Brush your teeth. Practice good oral hygiene. 4) Get more sun when possible. Get enough vitamin D. 5) Get enough sleep, 7 to 8 hours.

      • Only The Lord Jesus Christ Can Save Your Soul

        And don’t take any vaccination aka satanic snake poison

      • Сергей Доценко

        You are quite right!

    • Elwyn SMITH

      Thanks Mark good info ! !

    • Jim2 McKenna

      What do you think about fish oil in relation to T levels?

    • James Higginbotham III

      The only cardio I do is 30 minutes on the treadmill…6.0 degree at 3 mph…I look to get my heart rate into the upper 60% to lower 70% of maximum heart rate. I lift weights 5 days per week.

    • David Little

      Your information has been very helpful. Really enjoy your content.

    • the brink

      Use baking soda for toothpowder. Its cheap, it works, and there’s no chemicals.

    • Jim Dandy

      More plastics have harmful materials than most people know. I’m not sure I’d be convinced that the toothpaste tubes in that brand are totally safe.

    • didgeridooblue

      I do ranch work, physical (cardio) but usually not exhaustive. I ate well, but found myself loosing weight. At 6 feet and 148 lbs I started to fear what reduced body mass (muscle) would mean to my end-of-life capabilities. Now, ar 67 years old, I’m once again pushing weights. The gains are slow, but hopefully I will keep sarcopenia at bay.

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