As you get older, things aren’t as easy as they used to be. Whether it is losing weight, building muscle, or avoiding those aches and pains. However, there are things you can do to help make things a little bit easier when trying to reach your fitness goals. As you get older, you can still build muscle. There are certain ways you can workout and exercises you can do to help you build more muscle faster.

Building muscle after 50 will also help increase your production of testosterone. Doing resistance training will also help you burn fat and lose some weight to help you on your fitness journey. Your age does not need to stop you from getting in the best shape of your life. It may not be as easy as in your 20’s, but you can still do it.

Here are 3 ways to build muscle faster after 50, and start achieving your fitness goals!

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    10 replies to "3 Ways To Build Muscle Faster After 50 (TRY THESE TIPS!)"

    • Think and Grow Rich

      Also adjust the amount of time between sets
      I do 3-7 Sets. 3 reps, wait 15 seconds, 4 reps, wait 15 seconds, 5 reps, until you get to 7
      Keep intensity high, and gives you just enough rest to continue working.
      Muscles love it!

    • david Brown

      Protein and Roids for Breaky lol 😂

    • Think and Grow Rich

      The amount of protein is most important on the day before you workout, and your post workout meal.
      The rest of the time, you don’t need to be constantly eating protein.
      0.6-0.8 grams per lb of bodyweight is fine, the day before or the meal after your workout.
      I only workout 2 days a week and see the results I want because I go hard, full-body, those 2 days

    • Jeremy Horne

      Sleep was my achilles heel it’s absolutely vital that we sleep well and for at least seven hours and it’s worth remembering lifting weights does NOT build muscle rest and recovery build muscle.

    • Will Spires Music Channel

      Great advice! Thank you for all your great content!!

    • Randy Callaway

      I just turned 60 my self Mr. President, I realize I need more protein

    • Caribou Data Science

      You band exercises videos inspired me (at 67 old) to start the “Seven Exercises for men over Fifty” . My question how many Days a week?

    • Reginald Ashe

      Very good information for us old 👍 bodybuilding geezers! I really enjoyed this!

    • Paul Holland

      !!!!!? I’ve been working out for years I’m 50 years old I find it hard to even get a 110g of protein in one day not to mention I’m 170 lb any hints!!!!

    • John F

      Mark, here is a question for you. Do you calculate your protein according to your current weight or your target weight?

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