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20 Awesome celebrity Fitness Body Transformations
Celebrity Names :
20- Zac Efron Body Transformation Before and after 0:17
19- cristiano ronaldo Body Transformation Before and after 1:19
18- Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Body Transformation Before and after 2:16
17- Chris Pratt Body Transformation Before and after 3:08
16- Jared Leto Body Transformation Before and after 3:37
15- Henry Cavill Body Transformation Before and after 4:00
14- Chris Hemsworth Body Transformation Before and after 4:27
13- matthew mcconaughey Body Transformation Before and after 4:53
12- Christian Bale Body Transformation Before and after 5:40
11- Tom Hardy Body Transformation Before and after 6:17
10- Will Smith Body Transformation Before and after 6:50
9- Mark Wahlberg Body Transformation Before and after 7:22
8- Gerard Butler Body Transformation Before and after 7:50
7- Hugh Jackman Body Transformation Before and after 8:15
6- Zach Galifianakis Body Transformation Before and after 8:48
5- Jonathan Lipnicki Body Transformation Before and after 9:40
4- Ryan Reynolds Body Transformation Before and after 10:32
3- Robert Downey Jr. Body Transformation Before and after10:52
2- Channing Tatum Body Transformation Before and after 11:20
1- Jake Gyllenhaal Body Transformation Before and after 11:49


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    • Just Another Gamer

      I wish I was created in a lab like Zac Efron

      • Gamez PxC

        or like ryan Reynolds

    • Clyton Silva

      meu Sonho é ser forte igual ao menino mas forte do mundo💪💪

    • JessD77

      matthew mcconaughey was like that for a role in Dallas Buyers Club. It not hard to start eating again and go back to your normal routine. Before that role he’s always been in good shape.

    • Ethan Calender

      Chris Hemsworth wasn’t big enough for his Thor costume until he started working out than they had to make him a new one cause his muscles were too big

      • Paul Watkins

        Juiced you mean 💉

    • Shankoty 1

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      • Tiger

        @Nicholas Anderson the image is reversed

      • Camden Louie

        I know I’m kinda randomly asking but do anyone know a good site to stream new movies online?

      • Dominik Tristian

        @Camden Louie ehh I would suggest Flixportal. just search on google after it =) -dominik

      • Camden Louie

        @Dominik Tristian Thank you, signed up and it seems like a nice service 🙂 I really appreciate it!!

      • Dominik Tristian

        @Camden Louie Glad I could help 🙂

    • Neal Linville

      Hey Shankoty1,
      This and another video I have seen ARE Highly Motivational, Thanks For Puttin g them on here. I have been working out for about 6 Months after a long layoff. I increase Muscle mass without equipment Because have alot of Physical Injuries, I was into The IRON / WEIGHT Game Until age 30, I turned 30 in May 01 by July I wasn’t able to walk because of Numbness in some places and PAIN SO Bad You End Up in the Fetal Position.. I have since been to The Pain Clinic in My city and got prescribed Meds to take the Edge off the Pain. I know I will NEVER be as Big asthese Guys BUT it helps keep You Motivated . I don’t know IF it was AthleanX who said” Be the Best Version of Yourself You Can Be” BUT everyone should. I do Isometrics,Isotonics,Bodyweight, and Tai Chi, NOT YOUR GRANDMA’S TAI CHI. I am learning the Yang Style 108 Form with at least 3 Fighting Applications Per Move.. I also have a Pug Puppy who keeps Me BUSY . I was in a Car Wreck in “89 that Broke My Back and Neck, that’s why got that Painful Surprise after My 30th Birthday. I am not saying I will NEVER be able to go to the Gym again Beceuse there were Tai Chi moves I thought I couldn’t do, mainly Spinning Kicks so far. I found out after 2 weeks of constant practice I could. I hope this Video and people knowing some of what I deal with EVERY DAY will get them to say if he ‘s CAN workout SO can I. i hope people will see that if you can MOVE your Body you CAN Workout. Doctors i have seen say Exercise IS Good For Pain Relief . I know this to be True from Personal Experience. I wish Everyone The Best Who Are out their Bodies No Matter what kind of Exercise they Choose To Do.

      A New Subscriber,

      D. Neal Linville

    • Brian Hawkins

      These physiques are perfectly do-able. With time and effort.

    • Jacob Seymour

      at 2:33 The Rock … he changed a lot 🤣🤣🤣. How did he get that tattoo from his left shoulder/arm to the right arm in his younger days!?!?! that freaking amazing 😐

      • Dh Industries

        Jacob Seymour the photo was flipped

    • The EYE of SAURON

      Downey Jr. is one hell of a transformation both mentally and physically…1 in 100 only can come back from the rock bottom he hit.

    • Roberto Burgos

      Cristian Bale es increible como hizo para bajar tanto y no estar re mal.

    • Hector gomez saravia

      muy bueno, matthew mcconaughey en Reign of Fire (2002) tenia buen volumen, Matthew Fox y j.k. simmons tuvieron grandes cambios

    • Alberto Guerrero

      I think Zac Efron would do well as Wolverine. What do you guys think?

    • Maulana Channel

      Christ bale is the best transformation, I think

    • Diego Silva

      Tudo natural.

    • Wiser1FOREVER

      Same as McConaughey, Bale risked his health for no good reason! Future health issues will be the price paid!

    • MansionCapital

      1. chest abs
      2. back abs
      3. shoulders abs
      4. arms

    • Suncho

      i mean that transformation from a young lad to a grown up map is truly spectacular. not everyone can grow up…

    • nicholas lamb

      A lot of these guys just went from being skinny not eating enough to getting the right nutrition and having good genetics.

    • Tom Walsh

      Rock was a D1 athlete for the U’s championship team. He’s always been a beast 💪

    • Ruben Teles

      Quase tudos os rapazes são assim na adolescência até eu sou magrito mas conto que aos 30 ou que já esteja mais grosso
      É é uma coisa para qual vou lutar

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