When I say these are the only exercises you need to build muscle, especially after 50, I am talking about “bang for your buck’ exercises. Exercises that are compound movements and work multiple muscle groups. Whether you are at home or in the gym, you can do these exercises and build muscle from wherever you are.

If you are a man over 50, you need to make sure you are incorporating these exercises into your workout program. You can also do multiple sets of just these 3 exercises, to get a great overall full body workout. There are ways to modify these exercises to adjust if you do not have access to some of the equipment that is needed. It is time to start building more muscle as a man over 50, it is not too late!

Here are the only 3 exercises you need to build muscle after 50!

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    4 replies to "The Only 3 Exercises You Need To Build Muscle After 50 (GET RIPPED!)"

    • didgeridooblue

      I had a physical exam with my doctor a few days ago. I told him I was having trouble with my sleeping because I wake up with my hips hurting when I sleep on my sides. The doctor tells me I need to do leg exercises to build up the padding around my hips and glutes. Can doing body weight squats increase muscle mass in the hip area? I don’t have a barbell, I do have a curling bar and a few dumbbells.

    • Phil Amoureux

      I’m 6-6, The Goblet Squat is Great for Me.

    • Rodrigo Ariel Burgos Soto

      Gracias Gary por tan excelentes consejos para nosotros los mayores de 50 y realizar así interesantes y seguras rutinas, Dios te bendiga

    • RayRicDay

      Good video but only one doubt: how many sets? How many reps per set? weight 75% of the maximum possible in one rep? Many thanks

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