here is the most craziest – teenage fitness body transformation ever!
in the video a very big collection of best teenage fitness body transformation before and after photos!
male teenage under 18 years old fitness body transformation before and after
and also 15 years old fitness body transformation before and after
16 years old fitness body transformation before and after
17 years old fitness body transformation before and after
Ceckout 2017 l New Year *New Body* – Collection Of The Best Fat To Lean Fitness Body Transformations!

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Note: None Of the Above of those Transformations In this video ever used ” The Body Transformation Blue Print” Program
-if you have any problem with sharing your photo in this video please contact me and i will take it down
– thanks!

    27 replies to "The Most Craziest – Teenage Fitness Body Transformations Ever! 15-16 Before & After Motivation!!!"

    • Neon Symphony

      These youngsters are truely talented at photoshop

    • Stew Hoo

      You might want to add Regan Grimes from Canada. From a skinny 17 year old, he became an IFBB Pro this year at 22 years of age. by winning the Arnold Brazil Competition. He’s massive. He’s got some before and afters posted on his instagram. Its unbelievable what happened to him in less than 5 years.

    • MrJaaaaake

      I don’t doubt some have done anabloics. But I was 140 lbs in the 9th grade. Started working out in the 10th grade and by the time I graduated I was 205lbs at 5’10 and around 10-12% bf. Most of these before and after show a young boy and the final product is a man. Come on yall

    • Workout Diabetic Man

      I love these transformation videos. I hope that I can document my own transformation with my channel. It’s meant for over weight people because we need to see people our own size doing the work.

    • Giovanni Pandolfino

      *Thank so much for posting my body transformation **3:57** !*

      • sport_ motivation

        Giovanni Pandolfino top!!

      • Giampiero Il Bello

        Giovanni Pandolfino grande!

      • Giovanni Pandolfino


    • James Fralic

      Some of us have been training our asses off for 30 years. Gets much harder to gain or keep as you get older. I can assure you. I have been training like a beast all my life and never looked like some of these. Thats all i am going to says.

    • Mmoogl

      “The most craziest”, that’s all I’m here for.

    • Rad

      4:10 omg dude, respect

    • Steve Davis

      For Those Of You All Natural, Excellent Physiques, Great Motivation And An Awesome Job !! For Those Of You On The Steroids, Well You Could Be Much Much Bigger , But You Fail .

    • Shankoty 1

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      • Pacin 17

        Shankoty 1 music in intro pls

      • Ryker DeVos


      • LOCKY - KRD


      • Alexander Nuñez


    • Dark Horse 3/5

      I’m so proud of these guys….seriously. I’m a bodybuilder and I know the hard work that goes into it. Most people in the gym ask me If I’m on steroids. I tell them no, I’m on a dose of life and if you worked out instead of working your jaw muscle you’d be fit as me.

    • Bigdogjdm

      Watching videos like this gets me so hyped and helps me continue with my transformation

    • Edward Rodriguez

      guys I appreciate the hard work but every transformation is while going through puberty of course we all got a lot bigger motivating anyways thanks

    • Putra Syah

      Some of the before photos are actually how I dream my physiques to look like. Lol

    • Alex S

      Eu também era magrinho e agora estou forte kkkkk

    • VinVisionGOD gentry

      The motivation for these guys is just awsome

    • LetsTalk

      Hey I’m 13 and 6’ I weigh about 188/190 I always use ab rollers and medicine balls and do sit ups but can’t seem to get rid of my love handles I want to get stronger any suggestions?

    • Julian Wątróbski

      6:05 kura workout 😍😂💪🏻

    • david streetworkout

      Amazing transformation idol💪

    • OgMike420

      5:07 he def has that old school bodybuilding physique look 🔥🔥

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