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in this video there is a big collection of best fitness body transformation ever that will give you hope to transform your body like them.
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-Matthew Blake feat. Tyler Fiore – Upside Down [NCS Release]
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2017 l New Year l New Me Collection Of Best Fat To Lean Fitness Body Transformation (Motivation)!!
Start Your Transformation From New Year 2017
New year – New Me
If They Did It You Can Do It To!!!!!!

Note: None Of the Above of those Transformations In this video ever used ” The Body Transformation Blue Print” Program


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    32 replies to "New Year Must Change – Collection Of The Best Fat To Lean Fitness Body Transformations!"

    • Jethro Jenkins

      1:10 is just plain impressive. Not about muscles, but he kinda came back from the (soon) dead. Respect!

      • Neh Sangbong

        Jethro Jenkins 😂😂😂😂

      • Phoukham Keopine

        How many exercises I need to be strong

      • Moises Paez

        Is not how much u need is the time and dedication you put into it

      • El chino que no te da fiado



      Amazing video it’s really motivating and I was very lazy at the last 3 months but that’s not gonna happen again I will go now to training thank you and keep going

    • Shankoty 1

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      • Eryk

        1:48 who is this?

      • Lucy Nona

        Where is my side by side. Lol! I’m not as muscular as these guys. Started at 378 now at 231 as of today. I’m floating around 230

      • Jayson Pusag


      • Raja kumar

        Waight loos

    • B-Man

      Some of those before and after shots are amazing!!! It’s SO EASY to be overweight in this country with a convenient store, fast-food joint and liquor store on every street corner!! Getting these results is NOT EASY, but so worth it in the long-run!

    • Hershberger Vending

      Great job on losing weight guys and never give up and keep doing what your doing you all did a great job

    • Luna Lovegood

      Great work! Its possible to change, for everyone <3 Have a nice day and a wonderful life, you deserve it 🙂

    • Daniele Santos

      Muito legal antes e depois 👍👍👍

    • Margy Rowland

      Totally inspired and in awe of their determination Love from Australia 🇦🇺

      • David Harcot

        waw from australia where about?

    • Eric Thompson

      It’s amazing what a body can do when you apply the right techniques and life choices! For these guys to lose that much mass and look that athletic is amazing.

    • Samuel muiga

      I love these transformations, keep pushing for it!!

    • Jacrispy

      You can tell that they didn’t just changed physically but mentally to they all look so much happier

      • Ronin 90

        And more confident

    • Ajit Shenoy

      0:22 that guy just killed it 🤘🌟

      • Kala Bhairava

        He can go for super man or captain America audition ;

      • Semna

        And these ones 1:38, 3:13, 3:22

    • Unathletic Fitness

      Awesome Transformations 👍👍

    • MM FG82

      Gracias por tu dedicación al hacer este vídeo. Me sirve para motivarme y comprobar que el límite para lograrlo vive en nuestra mente.

    • Allan Daniel

      incrive parceiro, trabalho fantastico, parabens
      neste video eu trago um pouco do meu processo na academia

    • Johan Prachedes Da Silva

      Eu vou usar este vídeo como incentivo, muitíssimo obrigado! 😀👍

    • Frank Ok

      Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well in both health and moral terms!

      If I can allow myself a little general advice, stick to the program you are currently following and don’t give up!

      Do not be impatient, the results will be seen with regularity over time; it is counterproductive to change all the time.

      So I repeat it but I think it is important: follow the diet that you are currently following without being discouraged, if you do not currently have one I suggest this one which is in French @t , but it does not matter , just translate it into English with the right mouse button.

      Good luck everyone!

      Kind regards.

    • 113nightbird

      Holy cow! Everyone looks great in the after photos! Well done to all of these guys! 🙂

    • Mara Abreu

      Parabéns a todos pelo seu empenho de superar os obstáculos da obesidade. Vocês são guerreiros.

    • J.A.R.V.I.S.

      As you can see all these amazing people who have made these transformations shows that nothing is impossible!

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