When you finally decide to embark on a fitness journey, it is that..A JOURNEY! There are many different ways to start, and sometimes it can come to a quick end. That is why it is important to make sure that you are picking a plan that is designed for you and your age. One of the biggest reasons people give up early in the journey, or even in the middle…is because you are not “seeing the results” of your hard work.

Looking in the mirror everyday, or checking the scale, does not truly show the progress that you are making. That is why it is important to track your progress on your fitness journey. This will help keep you motivated throughout, and help you avoid giving up too soon on the healthy lifestyle that you are working toward.


Here are some different ways to track your progress, and help you on your fitness journey.

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    3 replies to "Different Ways To Track Your Progress"

    • Juanzilla64

      First comment! 🏆😎💪

    • Rene Medina

      not me I’m only 5.7 140 I need some weight 😅

    • TRW

      Great video Mark! I have been keeping a diary of all my workouts for the past 6 years. I write down how much weight I am using, how many reps and the day and month. Is fun to look back on how much progress I have made. The way I calibrate my scale, is I put a 35 pound dumbbell on the scale and it should read 35 lbs. You can put any amount of weight you want on the scale, but dumbbells don’t lie. Keep up the good work!

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