This video is a tribute to the legacy of my workout partner and dear friend Paul who passed away this week and the lessons we can learn from the positive example he set.

His dramatic body transformation inspired others to unleash their best selves. His zest for life was contagious. His energy filled the gym and his smile lit up the room.

I encourage you to follow Paul’s lead by soaking up every second, build others up, and appreciate the simple things in life.

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    9 replies to "Create a Legacy Through Your Transformation – Tribute to Paul Fontaine"

    • Dennis Bright Weezer C

      My condolences to you and his family for the loss. Great video!

    • JAC3DG33K

      Sorry to hear about your loss.

    • Dony J

      My condolences on your loss Scott. Great gems in this video.

    • Bloody Reckless

      May he rest in peace! That legacy will live on forever in some people’s hearts
      My condolences to u brother
      Love from the West Ukraine

    • Lee Harris

      Sorry to hear about this scott .Seemed like a character !

    • Andrew Stetkevich

      What a wonderful tribute video! Your reflections about Paul will cause everyone to take more to appreciate the little things in their own lives. You provided a public legacy that will allow so many more people to be impacted by Paul’s perspective on life.

    • chris rocco

      OMG Im so sorry! what happened?? He was so young? an accident?? Sorry for your loss

    • PopHoudejr

      Sorry to here.

    • Jesus Miranda

      Paul was so energetic like you.

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