How To Do Burpees and Avoid Common Injuries
In this video Funk Roberts goes over How to Do Burpees while avoiding Back, Shoulder and Knee Injuries that are common when doing this exercise.

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    35 replies to "Burpees – How To Do Burpees and Avoid Common Injuries"

    • Katrina Bebee

      The best burpee demonstration I’ve ever seen, thanks as I’ve been doing the incorrectly.

      • Yishai TheGift

        Another key component to Burpees is the emphasis on proper “BREATHING” can’t be stressed enough. This is an explosive exercise. Breathe in cadence with each movement.

      • Mayank Singh

        Me 9

      • brenden mccolman

        Isn’t it!? Good soup!

    • Theodore Boosalis

      Great video. I love the fact that you demonstrate the burpee without the need to do a jump. It’s okay to not jump – jumping adds stress to the joints – and for people like myself with rheumatic issues, it heightens the risk of injury. I can do these without the jumps and it works great.

    • Anna Rivera

      Thank you for breaking this exercise down so well. It made me realize that I need to take it slowly. πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ

    • Nicole G

      Training for my first Spartan (Super), after virtually being on the couch. This is a game changer, as I’ve begun with 30 burpees a day. On Day 12 now, and very grateful to have found this video. Avoiding injury is everything! Yours is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you!

    • Murderface24

      Thank you for saving our backs, shoulders and knees.

      • Murderface24

        @Juelz Santana’s Bandana meh

      • W M

        Yes cause it takes 4.5 minutes to show people how to do them lmao

      • Zumasa

        Not all heroes wear capes. They wear gym clothes

      • Mohamed Calooley

        Fr I was Doing this exercise wrong

      • Yaseen Muhammad

        Yeah you are right

    • David Llamas

      Six years later and this is the BEST video on burpees that Ive seen. Wish I saw this earlier. I love how its focused on avoiding injury! Very well done sir.

      • E. M.

        Ditto! Best explanation I’ve seen on YouTube.. PLUS, he does it all in 4 minutes.

      • Elmer Duran

        8 yrs later

    • D-Dub

      Thank you for sharing this information! Love the outdoors and how you show the proper movement from front and side views. My back and knees thank you.
      Well done πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Edgardo Carrasquillo

      Thank you. Very educational. I do the eight count push up with the jump and so far so all well. Thanks again

    • Kay Stolk

      Absolutely amazing! I have wanted to incorporate this exercise in my workout routine for so long! But I heard of so many injuries people incurred! Thank you for this flawless demonstration. Now I feel confident to try them! Awesome job!

    • ACLTony

      Excellent, good going! Keeping the arms close instead of having elbows pointed outwards is a challenge for beginners, which is why it’s a good idea to practice slowly when doing burpees for the first time. Thanks, very helpful!

    • BaconLover4Life

      I’m adding these to my Corona Social Distancing workout to stay healthy during tough times, thanks!

      • RidiNhigh with Heyzues

        @Paula Angelina Nine months later lol happy new year I hope all is well got a YouTube channel will be nice for you to check it out it’ll be nice to get some feedback regardless have a blessed day

      • Kyle Croft

        Lmao f the Rona

      • Lone W

        How is your progress now?

      • Dave Turnip

        @David Moore doubt

      • Aditya Sinha


    • E Anderson

      Been watching videos for over 1 year, trying to stir myself to do burpees. I hate being on the floor. Yours is the first one that made me feel comfortable. I’m ready to do it now!

    • Robert Bakker

      Thanks for the great explanation. We do this exercise alot during cardio sessions in the gym, and I was having some troubles with my back.
      Now I know how to perfom a burpee in a correct way :).

    • Lurkai

      Thank you so much for this man!! I’m starting a small workout regime and it involves 20 seconds of burpees and I had no idea what they were but this makes them seems a lot less intimidating and fun

    • Neppie's World

      This is exactly how I do my burpees!! Thank you for letting me know that I’m doing them safely and correctly!

    • E. M.

      Best explanation I’ve seen… you explain & show the “WHY” of the exercise. Thanks! 😊

    • Qui-Gon Jinn

      I was trying for 7 years to do a burpee with a pushup as a go to the ground, this video just saved me a lot of pain.

    • Ra'Chael Baker

      Thank you for this! I’m doing 25 burpees a day in Oct for the American Cancer Society and this just saved my back & shoulders πŸ’ͺ🏽

    • Eve H

      Thank you. I’ve been trying to figure out how I got lower back pain then you mentioned lower back pain as one of the common injuries. I thought I was doing burpees right but I know I definitely bend over to do the first one as opposed to getting into a squatting position. Thank you for explaining the 3 common injuries and breaking it down to avoid each injury. I also have some shoulder pain so it must be because im too wide as you demonstrated too wide puts too much stress on the shoulders. However, your way seems much more challenging and looks more like a tricep push up? Is it? It really helped that you did a front and side view demo. Your very thorough and easy to understand and now i will be much more careful.

    • Jeffrey Malinowski

      Very informative with very clear instructions, as someone with back issues at a relatively young age I appreciate videos where they show you what to avoid. Keep up the good work.

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