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2nd – the legend “bill hendricks”
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3rd – the legend : gunnar paasche
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4th – the legend “juan ledezma”
5th – the legend “dion friedland”
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6th – the legend “Robby Robinson”
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    34 replies to "Age Is Just Number!! l Oldest Bodybuilder Ever l It Is Never Too Late"

    • Jenny Murphy

      So inspirational ! I’m 52 but started bodybuilding this year.and Ive lost all my flab and any lose skin that I had previously


        I’m 57…gf 20..and I look fn great.

      • signupisannoying

        @CAPRICORN WOLF Need photo evidence 🙂

    • Dennis Daniels

      I am going to be 60 years old in a few months and have been a 100% natural bodybuilder since I was 19 (NOTHING STRONGER THAN CREATIN!). I really wish you guys making these videos would feature us 100% natural athletes still pushing it (which is even HARDER at my age) seperately than those suplimenting with steroids. Feature us seperately and title it “Age is Just a Number” and title theirs – “Steroids Still Work at Any Age if you Put in the Work!” Glorifing these hard working guys who choose to suppliment make it even harder for us guys grinding it out naturally in hopes of training until we can’t anymore.

      • Pedro

        bill green That’s what’s I have been saying all along .Your not telling me anything new mate.My gripe is the people who keep it a secret and pretend they are all natural when in fact they are on steroids.Im well over 50 and have be working out for 5 years and am happy with my natural results.No body on steroids comes out willingly and says to people I’m on the gear unless it’s close friends.

      • Kism S

        Doesn’t creatine make u bloated?

      • I am me • 25y ago

        @jaidee, It’s healthier to just not take any supplements.

      • Tim Kielisek

        @Lupul Alb get a solid healthy diet. Keep your goals established. Start with light major body movements. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different training techniques. Such as volume vs. high intensity. See what works for you. Live for the long haul. Have fun.

    • Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs

      Age is actually a word.

      • bluesniperlm

        @Powerneck 500 you know English

      • Rishan 01

        I dont like u mr. Trump

      • Tim Kielisek

        Yeah, but it’s a small word.

    • Prashanth Appu

      Awesome guy’s after seeing these super men offcourse Age is just a no…. Thanks for inspiring others…

    • @Tisoy Chuy

      Wow! Very nice grandpa, i’ve been in workout for 2 years already, but if school year im only doing it once or twice a week. But there are lots of positive effects on my body, i feel im stronger than before and my immune system got stronger too. And the great thing is it made me shun from vices, especially alcoholic drinks.

    • David Swaine

      I’m now 64, never taken any peds, steroids or testosterone supplements, am same weight now as when I was 21 years old, still train 3-4 times a week, still bench 140 k on flats, 170 k on declines, squat 145 k so quiet proud I can still do it, seen lots of training partners go (in my opinion) the wrong way, lots of health problems in their 40s, see the guys in my gym now on all kinds of gear (paranoid don’t come into it) spots all over their backs and shoulders, personally I don’t get it, it’s cheating yourself, but every one has the choice, oh my body weight is 70k

    • Mr Steel Heart

      They all deserve our biggest respect tru their hardwork 💪 salute 🙏💯

    • Jay Joxx

      Every one of them are inspirational. Long live the over 50’s!!

    • Charles Tutterman

      What an amazing physique.

    • MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment

      They forgot Jim Arrington who is 88 years old and STILL competes. He is in the Guinness World Record Books as The Oldest Pro Bodybuilder.

    • Space Cadet

      I agree with the premise that age is just a number. At now 62, I entered the gym last year after a 30 year layoff, not my fault, and I’m impressed with the way these guys keep hammering their body with weights. I, on the other hand, just learned of creatine and protein isolate so that’s the limit of what I’m going to put inside me. As for hard work, I’m hammering it nearly every day and with cardio, so I’m seeing good physical results. On the inside I look exactly like these guys, on the outside I’m protecting my investment with a layer or two of fat. Not stopping until the ticker stops.

    • Edwin B.

      Some people hit their peek early in life and then fall. Great to see true champions continue their journey.

    • Jawin Kantu

      I’m currently 55 U.S. Navy Ret. currently l work out five days per week for about 3 to four hours. You’re an inspiration age is only a number nothing more.

    • Christie Antony F

      I started body building at the age of 13 and continuing till today, drug free, at the age of 71.

      • Anton

        @Christie Antony F Thanks for the reply, it’s very inspiring to see someone your age still crushing it.

      • Christie Antony F

        @Anton well, I look at as an integral part of your daily chores, like brushing your teeth or having your bath or having a meal. It’s never a stressful feeling, because of the health juices that flow in your system, post workout.

      • Rishan 01

        My age is 13 and i am still working out. Lol 😂🤣

      • Christie Antony F

        @Rishan 01 Keep it simple and consistent and above all love your workouts

      • Christie Antony F

        @X Wishing you a long, healthy, and happy life. You can start at any age after 13 and carry on working out till the last day of your life. The point is to live healthy, happy, and as long as you can.

    • Nick Robinson

      Way to go! I bet you feel like a million dollars looking like that at your age. I could not guess your age come to that. Inspiring, more people should be this fit. Thanks for sharing.

    • spirit conjure

      This guy inspires me to start working out again I’m turning 21 pretty soon and I want to be extremely fit for my age


      Excelente técnica 👍😎

    • Raymond Snyder

      Awesome.! Hats off to these guys for staying motivated, and never giving up.!! Fitness is key to a long and healthy life.! Exercise regularly and eat healthy meals.. A good fasting program would be very beneficial as well.. Like a 16/8, 18/6, 20/4, 22/2, or whatever.? Everybody’s body is different.. Just see which one is best for you.!! I know 1000’s of years ago they use to work all day, and then eat one meal, they had a big feast.! Then the next day the same thing.! Think about it.!! People get rid of processed foods, soda, and junk food.. They are all killing people by giving them cancer, diabetes, etc.. The FDA should be liable for every death cuz they ok. everything, (“FDA approved”.!!) Yeah right!! They know there is bad stuff in the foods people eat, and prescriptions too.. But it’s all about the money.! I believe viruses, cancers, and other illnesses can be cured, just by eating heathy foods, fruits, and vegetables. Also exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, oh yeah, and one main thing, “sugar” everything thrives on sugar.!!! Sugar is one of the worst things to put in your body, besides all the man made chemicals that in all processed foods etc…. Oh yeah don’t forget your xtra-virgin olive oil, it’s very good for your body.!! Remember God made all the fruit trees, vegetable plants, and herbs for a reason.. Peace to all.!! God Speed.!!

    • OWL - Música Electrónica

      What an amazing, strong, and beautiful muscles!! Keep on this work and I wish you to be the strongest man on the world 👍

    • Alexandro MavromatiS

      I’m 39. Looking forward to the next 40 years. Let’s kill it every day!!!!

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