One of the best pieces of equipment for working out, whether at the gym or at home, is a good pair of dumbbells. There are so many exercises you can do with dumbbells, and so many variations to make a dumbbell workout your best workout. A great way to workout with dumbbells is doing isometric exercise, which means you are contracting the muscles real hard without moving the joint a lot. It is a more static position while doing the exercises.

You can use this method in a lot of your workouts to get some really great results with building more muscle, and doing it quickly. This is also great for you guys that have joint pain or lack of mobility, so make sure to incorporate this in your next workout. Experiment with this type of exercising to see if it will benefit you in your workouts.

Here is an upper body dumbbell isometrics workout for men over 50!

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    3 replies to "Upper Body Dumbbell Isometrics Workout For Men Over 50 (TRY THIS!)"

    • William Dundas

      This looks AMAZING, is this a form of Time Under Tension??

    • Rocky John


    • Richie Beaumont

      That’s really motivating. I’ll definitely give that a go

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