Do You Want To Lose Weight and Build Muscle at Age Over 40+ ?

The “Fit Father” 30-Day Health & Weight Loss Program For Men 40+ :

You’re about to discover the “Fit Father Program” that’s helped 10,000 Men over 40 years old to burn 75,000lbs fats and build muscles,

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    7 replies to "Meet the 60-Year-Old Bodybuilder Who is Ripped l Bodybuilder’s Guide to Staying Fit at Age +40"

    • RepswithRico

      Videos like this inspire me❤I Lost 80 POUNDS in 10 weeks doing keto and IF! And learned that building muscle helps as well! Thank u for sharing🙌🏽now I help others on my channel do the same✅

    • Gimmy Herbert

      Follow the Arnold Schwarzenegger book of BB ….he speaks about talent …..means to build mucsle on legs chest back …..but just pounding that part only …nothing else bigger arms you curl everyway you can …forget other body parts arms only for super sets ….will make that mucsle grow with right protein and stretching

    • Thomas Jusinski

      Great physique. 💪🏻

    • justin castillo

      what’s his name?

    • Jeffrey Wingham

      Lol watch out for the tren sides old man

    • Io sono Io

      Constant training with a good diet and a beautiful exogenous testosterone replacement…works wonders even for old men

    • Muscman60

      Incredible body

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