These are the 5 most common muscle building mistakes made by men over 40!
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Struggling to build muscle after 40? In this video, we cover five common pitfalls and mistakes that most guys make when trying to build muscle after the age of 40. From nutrition to training splits and even mindset, this video provides you with the clarity you need to make some awesome gains this year. We discuss the importance of eating enough calories and the right muscle-building foods, having a structured and tailored muscle-building program, reducing your stress hormones, avoiding injuries, and maintaining patience throughout your journey. Learn how to build muscle after 40 and make awesome gains this year!

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Quick Timestamps:
(0:00) Intro
(0:47) #1 You’re not eating enough calories
(4:13) #2 You’re designing your own workout
(5:55) #3 Your stress hormones are too high
(7:44) #4 You get injured too often
(9:44) #5 You are being too impatient
(10:58) Conclusion

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