It does not matter how old you are…you can still build more muscle. It may not be as easy, and you are not going to be able to go about it the same way as when you were in your 20’s…but you can still do it. As a man, especially a man over 50, it is nice to have a muscular upper body. Whether you are wearing a shirt or not, having a big upper body stands out to people.

There are different things you need to do to build muscle, especially as you get older. Focusing on the exercises you do in your workout routine, and eating enough protein will help you build a more muscular upper body.

Here are some tips for how to build a muscular upper body after 50. Make sure to give them a try to build more muscle after 50!

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    7 replies to "How To Build A Muscular Upper Body After 50 (TRY THESE TIPS!)"

    • Joseph Collins

      Thank you!!!!!

    • Bryan Dover

      There are no secrets here. You either put in the work, or you live with a “Gramps” body. It’s a choice we all make, one way or the other.

    • Enigma

      After 50 it’s the recovery that gets you! You can still train heavy and hard but the days of being ready to go again after a nights sleep have gone. So you have to train smart and accept you are never getting back the regime you once had. Heavy sessions need a day rest in between and mostly I stay away from really heavy weights these days. The chance of injury is just too great for my now 54 year old body. Yes you can still have a great body but you have to think more and listen to your body more. You cannot abuse it and expect to bounce right back.

    • philais

      I’m doing 1gm per pound… hard to do. 66 years of age but I’m adding muscle

    • Randy Callaway

      Thank you Mr. President I would diffentily like to recover faster, I am 60 years old as well.

      • Doc Doc

        🤣 you win

    • Relax Have a Homebrew

      I went to an endocrinologist and she tested me for all kinds of crap. Turned out I had the vitamin d of a 1920’s coal miner and sleep apnea. My T was on the low side of the acceptable range. She said my T should increase by getting my sleep and vitamin d in order along with resistance training. I asked about supplements and my doctor had no recommendations. She told me to investigate every ingredient because some may have negative effects on T and there is little regulation. Good luck.

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