here is From Fat Chubby To Fit Muscular Ripped Body Best Transformations Ever!

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    • Workout Diabetic Man

      I love these transformation videos. I hope that I can document my own transformation with my channel. It’s meant for over weight people because we need to see people our own size doing the work.

      • Navit Tajali

        you can bro 😉

      • Meleane Langi

        Keep going towards your goal mate.🙌🙌🙌🙌

      • Meleane Langi

        So true don’t judge others by their size weight and how wide they are and don’t judge a book by its cover #👌👌👌👌

      • Matthew Morgan

        How did it go?

    • beachboy boobybuilder

      Good body transformation. Respect to these guys.

    • Chris Wellz

      I’m at this point in my weight where if I gain anymore, when I finally go through my transformation, I’d have left over skin. I can’t let myself get like these guys. I’m happy they’re in shape, but I would hate to have that left over skin only to pay a lot of money to get it removed. I need to start now and change my ways. This video inspired the hell out of me. Thank you.

    • CCB Pedacindocéu

      nossa essa fotos da motivação de mais tenho 13 anos pessoas 58 kilos é fora do normal vou começar meu regime partir de hoje 13/05/2017 Daki a um ano volto aki abraços

    • Jun B

      i will say this gives me inspiration to try hard but in 1 week i will go back to my old fat lazy eating habits and be depressed again

      • Stain

        research intermittent fasting …just amazing…

      • Hydreigon

        Stain i do this i have a 14/8 window, but nothing really changed, im on a defizit but i cant tell the difference between diet or diet with intermittent fasting so… XD

    • Connor Faulk

      This just shows that no matter how fat you are, you can still look damn good…

    • BHD Trumpet

      All these people did a great job they have great determination

    • Malgorzata Polak

      Amazing !!!!!

    • Roy Patterson

      you have to give all these men props for losing that much weight, because it’s not easy to lose weight, especially once you get older, it takes a lot of hard work and determination to lose that kind of weight! Great job guys!😎👍

    • Lucca Toddy

      VERY MOTIVATION! best channel

    • Jakub Bystrek

      After transformation they looks 5 years youngest ,nice 🙂 sr for english xd

    • Chris Charles Paranormal Adventures

      That’s a whole lot of inspiration right there

    • anthonykennethbishop

      I’m getting to be more slimmer now. I was about 280lb now roughly around 177lb I’m trying my best to get toned up and pushing the weights more and doing more cardio it’s working for more even getting rid of all the junk food too.

    • Mariano Kremer

      Respect to all of those to did that, just wow!!!!!!

    • juan marcos vera lara

      Me sirve de motivación este vídeo

    • Preston Williams

      Congarjulation to them they kept believing I’m proud of them

    • Joshua Gholston

      this is all real u just have to be motivated and workout everyday

    • Olivia Winters

      It just proves that you can change

    • Ok

      1:15 does he already look strong?

      • Apex Alaska

        Literally just a super ripped guy after winter.

      • Halid Okur 3

        He’s just bulking

    • Billy Jean

      Congratulations to tge 30% of these people that were natural / didnt use steriods.
      Being very muscular with low body fat is almost impossible to do without drugs.

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