I often say that you should focus on doing the activities that bring great joy to your life and allow you to live your life to the fullest. But could there be a case for performing activities that you don't enjoy? Let's talk about it in today's video.

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    3 replies to "Do The Exercises You Love Or Learn To Love The Exercises"

    • Jose Baca

      Thank you so much.

    • kevin bradshaw

      Hey Scott! Thanks! I don’t enjoy doing Split Squats but I continue to perform them because they Challenge me with my Balance issues because of my amputated foot. Some days are Better than Others. But after doing them I’m satisfied that I gave ( or tried to) my Best.

    • Stefan Pohl

      I had to put in the hard work with not that much enjoyment at the beginning until I started loving the process. This happens with some exercises as well. I didn’t like hanging leg raises and skull crusher. But I forced my way through until I had the correct mind-muscle connection. Now I really like doing them.

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