High blood pressure increases your risk of heart attacks, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and aneurysms.
Medications can help reduce blood pressure, although they commonly have bad side-effects including headaches, weakness, dizziness, heart palpitations, constipation, depression, insomnia, and erectile dysfunction.
This Healing Elixir will help lower blood pressure and sugar blood levels.
I hope this can be life-changing for you. Dr. M

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    33 replies to "1 CUP Lowers High Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar | Dr. Mandell"

    • Joyce Taylor

      Thanks for this very necessary video sir. Much Blessings to you and yours

    • selenaj wallace

      Thankyou Dr Mandel. More amazing information to improve my health. I am 71 yo and have been watching you for years and I am much healthier because of you. Blessings🌱🙏🕊🙏🌱💕🇦🇺

      • Timeout with Cyndi


      • All Stick & No Carrot!!

        Yeah, Second That Emotion SW. Good Call!✅👍

      • Margriet Dupersoy

        @All Stick & No Carrot!! h

    • HealthNutAvenue

      Thank you so much for this amazing information!! And for all you do!!

    • sumithra ananth

      Thank you Dr. Will do this. I also take tender coconut water. This has completely reduced my BP upto 100/70.😊

      • Brenda Turner

        What is tender coconut water

      • Timeout with Cyndi

        @Brenda Turner i think it’s coconut that has not matured well
        my thought

      • sumithra ananth

        @Brenda Turner hi mam. That is a coconut that hasn’t matured fully. It has plenty of water with natural electrolytes and inside coconut will be very tender which can be eaten.

      • charlie smith

        @sumithra ananth it’s called a ‘jellynut’ 🥥 the flesh has the texture of *junket* (made from blood warn milk mixed with rennet). Desert Island survival food. Loads of coconut water inside a jellynut. (I lived on jelly nuts and fish in the seychelles.)
        The saying goes :
        “- coconut water,
        good for your daughter; coconut jelly,
        good for her belly -“

    • Adlih Kristopher

      This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it Amen

    • southtexan1

      Thank you for helping Humanity with your knowledge ❤️ It’s most appreciated.

    • Adlih Kristopher

      This is amazing!!! Thank you Dr Mandell for all this useful information you share!!! have a bless day

    • Animal Lovers 💕

      I THANK GOD FOR YOU DR. MANDELL! You are so helpful to mankind ❤️❤️🙏🏼

      • PangeaProxima

        Ok, ok…

    • Proud G’MA

      Thank you DR. Make it a great day!🧡

    • Tasha

      I Absolutely Love this man!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

    • Sunshine&RainbowsNursery

      Thank you! I have been working to stay med-free. 🤗

    • Carolyn Wesley

      Thank You Dr. This Is All So True, And It Works, May You And Family Stay blessed, More Doctors Like You Are Really Needed In This Hour. We Thank Our Heavenly FATHER For You And All Like You!.

    • Timothy Dalbeck

      If you want to jump straight to the point, 3:01 is where the mixture amounts are mentioned.

      • Claudette Nell


    • SelfCareWithMilly

      This remedy has been used for ages in the Caribbean for lowering blood pressure. It’s certainly the secondary reasons why you’ll find bountiful amounts of the hibiscus bush in many home gardens. Definitely a great share with the science to back it up. 🤎

    • Elena Classen

      Thank you Dr. Mandell. Great information. I heard that you should wait untill the tea cool down before adding the honey because the honey looses the nutrients in high heat. Have a blessed day 😀

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    • April Justice

      Dr Alan Mandel you are truly a wonderful blessing to all of us and we love you for it. God bless you always!

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    • Yolanda allen

      Thank you so much Dr. Alan Mandell. I have been drinking hibiscus tea with cinnamon for over 6 months now., It is excellent for weight loss as well!

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        Hey..Thanks for your comments,..you’ve been selected to claim a package…..☝️☝️✅

    • Gloria Avalos

      Thank you doctor I really appreciate you for sharing I love that you are helping me stay healthy ❤

    • Ms Y HAN

      Thank you Dr M for your very useful health tip. Your health tips have made my health much better since 2020. Watching your video clips themselves have made a great day for me. Thank you so much sharing your knowledge and expertise and giving your time to millions across the world!

      • Evelyn Talacay

        Maam i need help🙏🙏🙏

    • Bunsoy Felio

      Thank you so much, Doc! Natural Medicine really works. God bless you for helping a lot of people

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