In today's video let's use the most up to date research to guide us in creating the most science based workout program for you.

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    6 replies to "The MOST Science Based Workout Program"

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      The most science based workout program MUST suit your body, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences. For more tips download your FREE guide Lose Fat Get Jacked πŸ‘‰

    • Shannon Smith


      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        😁 thank you

    • Stefan Pohl

      The biggest take away for me was that it’s probably OK that I’m having more and more problems doing the front squat and the dead lift. I do believe I have developed some instability in my lower back which made me take down the weight more and more. I guess I will also move to hack squats since I’m over 50.

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        Definitely smart to adapt your training to work with your body rather than fight against it. There are so many great exercises to choose from πŸ’ͺ

    • kevin bradshaw

      Thanks Scott!

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