The easiest way to get lean and stay lean is to build healthy habits into your lifestyle. In today's video we'll talk about how you can add the 7 most important habits to your daily routine so you can finally get lean and stay lean.

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    6 replies to "7 MOST Important Habits To Get Lean"

    • Jeff Chan

      Scott you are killing me with the first habit on your list! Lol

      Wife took my son to a mommy son dance last night. Didn’t end up sleeping until late and had a bit less than 6 hrs. I just finished set one of my incline press and I feel like crap

      • Lose Fat Get Jacked

        Sleep is EVERYTHING and I’ll keep drilling it home for as long as I’m still breathing 💪

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      Are these 7 habits a part of your daily routine to get lean? For more tips download your FREE guide Lose Fat Get Jacked 👉

    • Brent Capley

      Question: if I am. Awake more hours I would burn more calories during those hours and thus the need for the extra calories. So wouldn’t that zero out or at least not be a 600 calorie difference. I love your content and I had 2 questions. I am very carb sensitive if I eat carbs I loose all portion control and go crazy and have had great success with carnivore. Your thoughts. Also how do you shave your head as a fellow bald man I love how yours looks.

      • Jason Rios

        No, you could be awake and just sit on the couch, that doesn’t mean you need extra calories

      • chris rocco

        whats your height weight age?? ,just curious! welcome to the page

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