For those of you that have seen bodybuilding, competed already, or want to start competing…this video is for you. There are so many things that go into preparing and getting ready for competition…especially when it comes to getting to a physique that can help you win. One of the most important things leading up to the event is, you need to have a low body fat percentage.

Getting that lean is not an easy process! There are going to be a lot of bad days, as you need to really cut your caloric intake, while still trying to find energy to do your workouts and live out your day. Your hormones get out of whack, your mental comprehension slows down, it really can be the hardest part of the journey.

Here is what I went through in preparing for my bodybuilding contest, and what can help you for deciding to do it and actually competing.

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    2 replies to "My Bodybuilding Contest Journey – Competing With Gary Walker"

    • Jean C

      Thanks Gary, nobody talks about the “darks” side of the sacrifices you have to deal with for a bodybuilding show.
      Very interesting.
      God bless. 👌

    • Adam Johnson

      I enjoy your videos. You seem to have a humble attitude and a great perspective on things. I’m a pastor/professor/author but enjoy lifting weights as a hobby. I’ll never compete in a bodybuilding competition but your videos have give me a lot of good advice at my age of 45.

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