One of the best pieces of equipment for working out and getting great results is dumbbells. The good news, it does not require heavy weight to be able to build muscle. You can still build muscle when using lighter weights. Good form and using more time under tension is a great way to build muscle using lighter weights.

The nice thing about dumbbells is you can workout just about any muscle group you want with them. Arms are one of the best muscle groups to work with dumbbells, and after that is the chest. Today, we are going to focus on building our chest with light dumbbells. This will come in handy, especially for you guys that are working out from home.

Here are the exercises in this dumbbell chest workout for men over 50 using light weight.

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    3 replies to "Dumbbell Chest Workout For Men Over 50 (USING LIGHT WEIGHT!)"

    • Singh Shamsher TRUE VOICE

      👍very good Boss🏆🙏

    • Out of beer!

      The only thing I have to do different is flys. I have to lay on the floor. If I use a bench it kills my shoulders. Even if I lighten the weight.

    • Timothy Collins

      Have been doing these for about 3 months now only thing I add is pushups, 25 at a time throughout the day until I do 100 per day. Thanks for the great program.

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