As you get older, especially over the age of 50, there are things that are more difficult than when you were younger. You are never too old to start something or achieve a fitness goal. If you are on a fitness journey, odds are, one of your goals is to build muscle. There are different things that go into building more muscle optimally, and there are things you can do daily to help you achieve muscle building goals.

Some of the best ways to help you build muscle are in this video, and some of them are probably ones you have heard before. Whether it is eating enough protein, getting more good quality sleep, working out with resistance training, or many other items…you can work to achieve your fitness goals. Use these tips to help you on your fitness journey to lose fat and build more muscle at the same time.

Here are 4 daily muscle building habits that you need to add to your routine, especially for men over 50!

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    23 replies to "4 Daily Muscle Building Habits (TRY THESE!)"

    • Walt Blackadar

      First. And nobody cares about who is first.

      • Brigitte Hoffmann

        😀 good one!😅

    • Mario Tamayo

      Thank you Mark for your good tips. I am a 72 year old fit and pretty muscular guy and, I find your advise very insightful, applicable and useful. For now, I will star forcing myself to that glass of water as I wake up every day. Does diet coke count? it is much easier to drink when you are not thirsty.

    • Roustabout4fun

      Enjoyed the video and hope to implement some consistent healthy changes. You did fine!

    • Will Spires Music Channel

      This is a great video Mark! Thank you for the great advice, I’m continuing to incorporate these as daily habits to achieve my fitness goals!!

    • Sam

      Not to judge or condemn, but purely out of curiosity. Do you do everything 100% on your own strength or do you have some chemical support in the form of testosterone replacement therapy or something similar?

    • Benoit Péloquin

      Distilled water is best 👍🏻

    • Stephon James

      Thank you Coach! My dad works out at my boxing gym. He works out hard but does not drink enough water

      • David Morrison

        Thanks Mark

    • Luis Esteban Leandro IG: kakkoi13

      I really enjoyed this video! Looking great at your 60’s I’m 43 I want to look like you when I’m 60 🎉 7:24

      • The Rich Buddha

        You can look better

    • John F

      Great tips Mark! Probably a good #5 would be sleep 💤. I never get enough sleep for recovery.

    • Bobby Richmond

      Yeah,get back to me when you turn 70 or so.

    • Donald Cameron

      Protein drinks from GNC I use by the case

    • Ricardo Pacheco

      Great Tips. Tkanks Mark.

    • steve lee

      Thanks for the video Mark. I’ll be 65 this year and have been carnivore for 3 years. I feel great with zero carbs and am pretty ripped for my age.

    • Dave Bernhardt

      Thanks for the video Mark. Absolutely nothing wrong with your delivery today.

    • JoeJoe Anthony

      Thank you for the help.

    • didgeridooblue

      When I first get up in the morning and drink water it makes me nauseated. I’ve got to wait until closer to noon. I consciously attempt to make up the difference then.

    • Mike Barrows

      How come none of these guys doing these videos discuss the cost of 100+ grams a day?

    • Mercury

      Hello everybody, I have a question about the program fit after 50.
      I don´t know if somebody can answer me. This program can be do it for a teenager 16 years old? thanks Mark for all you teaching us. I¨m from México and my english is not very developed.

    • Mercury

      I’m practicing all your exercices in the program and each time I like more and more.

    • mauro aguilar

      Not to mention joint pains that will set you back again and again.

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