As a man over 40, testosterone is crucial for building muscle and helping with fat loss. It also helps provide more energy, even as we age. As we get older, our natural production of testosterone starts to decrease. Aside from things you can do to help fight that, there are things that may be negatively impacting your testosterone production. The foods you put in your body can have a negative and positive impact on your testosterone production and fitness goals.

We want to avoid having high estrogen levels, especially as we get older. Having high body fat and eating certain foods can contribute to a higher level of estrogen. It is time to make sure you are aware of foods you need to avoid having a lot of, in order to make sure you are not hindering your production of testosterone.

Here are 3 foods to stop eating and 1 to start eating to boost testosterone as a man over 40!

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    10 replies to "3 Foods To Stop Eating (And 1 To Start Eating) To Boost Testosterone!"

    • E McDonald

      “A lot more feminine” — haha. Oh no!
      Says the guy who looks like he does his eyebrows. That’s something men didn’t do in the 90s either.
      But thanks for the information! It’s all good.

    • John Murphy

      Excellent video and what is being said is so true. I need to give up the bs foods and eat more fruit and veg more.

    • Denver Bazer

      Oh no alcohol 😭

    • Victor Hugh Go

      I have a superfood for you, CABBAGE. Cabbage is awesome, It’s a green leafy, there are different varieties of cabbage (Red and Savoy are two others), and it’s nutrient dense. 1 big cabbage for one person can provide a very healthy ingredient to go with a lean meat protein source for 4 to 5 days. You can get a week out of one cabbage by chopping it up and freezing some of it, I put it in several freezer bags and roll it up, chuck it in the freezer. I boil a bowl of it in the microwave in about 3 minutes. Sometimes I’ll toss in a tablespoon of Sauer Kraut or boil some Brussels Sprouts with it and chop it all up. Oh snap, dude mentioned Cabbage, I love Cabbage, you will be hard pressed to beat the nutritional bang for the buck. A head of cabbage costs about 4 to 5 bucks but it is worth every penny. You can make a big old pot of sauce with a can of Pomodoro tomatoes, sweet red peppers, shitake mushroom and onion with some 96/4 burger. I’m not sharing my recipe but I make some seriously badass delicious sauce using these ingredients. Toss some Quinoa in it and you got a blast of Magnesium. 1 cup of Quinoa has about 100 grams of magnesium in it. About 25 to 30 carbs but it also has protein in it and it’s a complete protein. It’s also got fiber in it so RED Quinoa doesn’t hang around and make you fat. Good stuff. But don’t forget to ‘rinse’ it before you boil it. I use a wire strainer because Quinoa is so tiny that it would just slip right through a colander.

    • Gregory Rourke

      Beer. My biggest vice.

    • Steve Wood

      What brand shirts are u wearing.

    • Mike's big tank

      So processed food in plastic is bad, then proceeds to sell us all some processed greens in a plastic container!!!

      • Rayon Drackett

        They think their subscribers are are fools

    • genxblend

      Avoid any powdered (processed) supplements packaged in plastic containers even if they are marketed as healthy.

    • Rayon Drackett

      Just a commercial to sell their products.

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