Stress can have a negative impact on your fat loss efforts if you don't take the appropriate measures to adapt your workouts and diet to your current situation.

In today's video we'll discus the change you should make during the stressful times throughout your transformation journey.

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    5 replies to "Stress and Fat Loss (How To Adapt Your Workouts and Diet)"

    • Lose Fat Get Jacked

      How do you adapt your workouts and diet when you are faced with stressful times in life? For more tips download your FREE guide Lose Fat Get Jacked 👉

    • Jose Baca

      Just one step in front of another. I also think about my faith.

    • kevin bradshaw

      Thanks Scott! Will focus on the Adaptations you mentioned! Appreciate you Coach! You’re the BEST Brother!

    • Jeff Chan

      Great video. Thanks. The diet break served me well. I had quite a few work lunches and social events during that time and the extra calories gave me. Pre flexibility when going on. It also felt good breaking things up. I’m definitively ready to finish off this cut to be as lean as I’ve ever gotten. Stress is tough, but working on it

    • LaMusiqueetlabeat

      Regarding stress, once you change from “Why is this happening to me?” to “What is this trying to teach me?”, everything shifts.

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