5 replies to "My favourite metabolic workouts have combo movements like this lower body gauntlet"

    • JDave Foster

      Man, I hate those jumping squats – but I’ve been doing them and seeing results. They are HARD!

    • Jeff Bryner

      Haha I wish I could enjoy this. There is nothing about this that’s fun. How do you get into the mindset that it’s fun. Like I love to go wakeboarding and I get excited about it but who gets excited about going to the gym. You get off work tired as hell but pumped up and excited about going to a gym

    • Draper Scott

      Jumping squats are the BEST

    • Ikhwan Huzir Islakh

      How about upper body? Any recommendation?

    • huggeebear

      Not for me this time. I have dodgy knees.

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