9 replies to "December 2, 2022"

    • Tommy Thompson

      Looking forward to seeing you in some future workouts brother! Post them up so we can sweat it out! Thanks funk.

    • Galaxy gaming

      Good job

    • David Jones

      Nice one both 👌

    • tmajec

      No squats? Looks like back rotations?

      • DerrickIsGolden

        Kettlebell swing

      • tmajec

        @DerrickIsGolden yes, wouldn’t the kettlebell swings involve some element of squat (even if it’s halfway)?

      • DerrickIsGolden

        ​@tmajec not really, but i suppose there are multiple ways to do it, for example i learned that you need to keep your arm straight for the whole movement, but they dont


      wow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • JDave Foster

      I’m getting over a bad cold. Soon as I’m better I’ll do this!

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